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JRiver Amazon Echo Integration


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So, there's now a skill for the Amazon Echo called 'House Band' that gives you voice control over JRiver Media Center software.



Short demo here:


And some more info:


Voice integration for JRiver and the Amazon Echo.



To enable the skill for your Echo:



Amazon Alexa



Supports full control (play, pause volume, skip) plus searching via artist, album, track, word string, or a combination of these.

"Alexa, play the song blood on the trackS by Bob Dylan"

"Alexa, what do I have by Bob Marley?"



House Band supports two basic kinds of search: loose and strict.



Loose searches are just key word searches.

"Alexa, play Fear of Music" will queue up all Albums/Songs/Artists matching the phrase "fear of music."



Strict searches are indicated by using words like "album," "songs", "track", "artist." They will constrain the search in the relevant way.



"Alexa, play the album Space Oddity"



will look for an album matching the search phrase. First, it will look for an exact match. If nothing comes up it will try to match any album with the words

"space oddity" in the title. In the case of multiple matches (e.g, "Space Oddity" and "Space Oddity [1995 Remaster]") Alexa will ask you which you'd like to play. You can then select by keyword, e.g.,



"Play the remaster"



will play the remastered version of the album.



Create Play doctor playlists:

"Alexa, create a playlist based on David Bowie."



Play playlists:

"Play my Desert Island playlist."

"Play the playlist mellow jazz."



Zone Support:



"Alexa, what are my zones?" or "What zones do I have?" etc

"Alexa, what's the current zone?"

"Alexa, change zone to living room."


Full Disclosure: I wrote the app, and consider it in active development. So any feedback/bug reports/feature requests would be much appreciated!

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