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Dirac and Roon running on PC to USB dac - Will this work?

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I was just about to go ahead and buy the miniDSP mic so I could at least do the free trial of Dirac. I assume I will keep a PC in the listening room to run Roon and Dirac into my usb dac. My basic plan was essentially to set Dirac as the output in roon, then hopefully use my ASIO driver for my usb dac. I have briefly looked over the manual of dirac live and this is how I see it working, does this look like it should work?


Roon -(WASAPI)-> Dirac -(ASIO)-> USB DAC


My understanding is that I will have to identify Dirac as a WASAPI device, but then dirac will be able to use whatever hardware drivers are available (in my case the ASIO driver is preferrable.) My hope was to NOT make Dirac my main system audio output device but instead just let roon direct its output there, can it work this way?

Roon ->allo Sparky-USBridge w/ SBooster 5V LPS-> Kii Control -> Kii Three

Roon->BMC UltraDAC->Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open

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I read that a Dirac zone has to be setup in Roon as detailed here:


so I imagine that you can use other Roon zones for different purposes but other forumers with hands on experience wih Roon may help.


:) Flavio

Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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