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  1. Maybe the plugin was an incomplete beta? (we had several issues during beta testing that have been subsequently fixed)
  2. My understanding is that there is no compatibility issue, Roon simply doesn't support standard AU, VST plugins nor AAX ones so the only solution seems to be a virtual cable like Audio Hijack: http://diracdocs.com/Roon_&_Dirac_Live_2.0.pdf (exclusive audio should be disabled when using Audio Hijack as that bypasses their audio capture engine)
  3. We are looking into automatically migrating the Dirac Live 1.x licenses so that Dirac Live 1.x owners will be able to use the new Dirac Live Processor together with the Dirac Live 2.3 calibration tool. I don't now how will we proceed with owners of multichannel licenses as the multichannel version of the Dirac Live Processor isn't ready yet. Flavio
  4. @jaaptina I think that your approach is quite reasonable and a sort of "BBC dip" is preferred by many, I'm not sure though that the following are as good an idea, personally I'd smoothen them unless you incur into clipping:
  5. Dirac beta plugins seem to work well with Amarra Luxe, those interested in testing them can request them at http://helpdesk.dirac.se
  6. @Deribas as Kal said multichannel isn't ready yet and is a work in progress but if you'll contact us at http://helpdesk.dirac.se we will be pleased to send you a Dirac Live 2.x beta for JRiver 25 together with instructions for manually configuring it for multichannel, that probably isn't the approach that will be used when it will be released but it works: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/37813-new-second-generation-dirac-live/page/20/?tab=comments#comment-1009005 Flavio
  7. miniDSP's Dirac enabled processors now support Dirac Live 2.x (stereo only, multichannel will come) nice to read this indipendent user's comment: https://www.avnirvana.com/threads/in-your-experience-will-room-correction-level-the-playing-field-between-speakers.5956/
  8. Hi, if you find a page that requires login that is browser related and should be fixed on our side, in the meantime you can use a browser like Firefox for Windows or Mac
  9. Hi gazza49, no log in is necessary for contacting us at http://helpdesk.dirac.se, one only has to enter his email and message. Please kindly write us at the above URL, we'll also be able to send you the latest updates... we now have builds 0.9.36 :) Thanks for your time, Flavio
  10. Hello, it will help us in troubleshooting the beta if you'll send your bug reports, comments and findings to http://helpdesk.dirac.se instead of here... thanks for your cooperation Flavio
  11. Hello, you are seeing two instances of the DLP, I think that the first one is the previous version... if so please uninstall it. No audio output when you check the Dirac box in JRiver DSP Studio is expected behaviour, when you'll launch Dirac Live and you'll start a measurement the audio stream is replaced by the sweep of the test signal. Please try starting from scratch, first play an audio track wih JRiver then launch Dirac Live, you should see one instance of the DLP so select it. Now take measurements and create a new filter. Being these betas some changes have been applied so that unfortunately you'll not be able to use filters created with previous versions. Also switching the filter off in DLP will crash JRiver... this is a known bug, currently it can only be disabled in JRiver itself.
  12. Here the latest news... We have new 0.9.31 betas of plugins (now including AAX) and a new Dirac Live 2.3 Now the plugin is added and opened from within the player or DAW If interested they are available by opening a new ticket at HelpDesk: http://helpdesk.dirac.se That's new as well
  13. Hi Steve, you should have received new downloads with a later expiry date, if not please let us know, thanks
  14. Thanks macuniverse, the plugin not saving the level setting so that one can incur into digital clipping unless he sets it again is a confirmed bug, it will be fixed in a future release
  15. Yes, thanks Michelangelo, the developers are aware of the issue when changing sample rate that you have reported
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