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  1. Hi Michelangelo, we expected the beta to be complete by now, we have have found some issues ourselves so it was not reasonable to send it out to beta testers and we are working on fixing them (summer holidays don't help ) We announce no ETA as we will release it as soon as possible.
  2. The new 2.x version uses a standard AU or VST plugin that is loaded into the player. Audirvana (now for Windows as well) supports Tidal, Qobuz and highresaudio.com https://audirvana.com/product/ JRiver can use Tidal (or any streaming service) by enabling WDM: https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/WDM_Driver Other players may support streaming or not, alternatively one might use a virtual cable in order to stream the music to the plugin and then to the audiocard/DAC. This an example: https://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/
  3. Hi Flyman, Dirac 9.11 is probably a typo and I imagine that you're referring to Dirac 1.1 or 1.2, anyhow for support please contact us from here: http://helpdesk.dirac.se/ Thanks, Flavio
  4. We will support 5.3 and more (the text needs to be modified accordingly)
  5. Hi sound_cycle, the download that you're referring to is the Dirac Live calibration tool that can be used by itself only with Dirac enabled AVRs and audio components. For standalone use you also need the DiracLiveProcessor, you can apply for testing the full package here: http://helpdesk.dirac.se/index.php?pg=request Thanks, Flavio
  6. Users of standalone Dirac Live have been patiently waiting for a long time and I want to thank them. I think it was worth it as I'm pleased to inform that the soon to be released testing version will be not only multichannel if desired but will also include the possibility of using a multichannel audiocard/DAC for advanced management of multiple subs of a stereo set-up with players like for example JRiver: https://www.dirac.com/dirac-live-bass-management-beta-signup Flavio P.S. It's now expected within the end of this month but because of the above it might take one or two weeks longer (we also have to write instructions)
  7. Higher sampling rates, probably multichannel and possibly more than that...
  8. A full featured testing version of standalone Dirac Live 2.x, for both Mac and Windows, is expected within the 21st of this month and we will be pleased to send it to those who will request it at http://helpdesk.dirac.se/ Thanks for your patience and understanding, it's been a significant development effort Flavio
  9. At this point you can load the plugins in a player that supports them, Audirvana or JRiver or a DAW. You should have received a short document with examples and details. Anyhow those alpha versions of the DiracLiveProcessor, where the stream should be downsampled to 48 KHz, should be replaced soon by a full featured beta version. Flavio
  10. Let me add some useful info for DSD256... With reference to Dirac Live 2.2 it is recommended that users are always logged in Dirac Live when using it, the account can be created here: https://live.dirac.com/register/ The project must have been saved when logged in and the user must be logged in when loading it. Then it doesn’t matter on which computer the project is located. If a user is not logged in he can’t move projects between computers and he may not be able to load a previously saved project on the same computer if the session has been reset since the project was saved. Please click on the hamburger menu (a circle with 3 horizontal lines) when Dirac Live is invoked and select the login button. This will take you to the first page of Dirac live and you can login. Pressing proceed will take you to the recording device page.
  11. If interested in the subject a Dirac seminar about the "ins and outs of room correction" will be available for those attending AXPONA 2019, here the details: https://live.dirac.com/dirac-at-axpona-2019/ Flavio
  12. Hi shinyc, if you have'nt received it please send me an MP with the ticket number Thanks, Flavio
  13. @SteveS1 the latest 2.2 calibration tool tries to take your findings and comments into account including the choice of a different color theme @Montanari ciao, the calibration tool is ready but the DiracLiveProcessor is still an alpha @michelangelo you should have received the 0.9.11 build Thanks for your time and cooperation
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