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So, is MQA about DRM or is it not?


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While everything I have read has said it is not, there is this:






"....And recorded music is important.


So there is great music in the archive that has to be brought out, and we have to teach people how to put the best thing in the archive, because the art form is so important, music is so important to us, we have to do it right.



The studios have got all this content they won’t release because they don’t want to put their big, fat, so-called “master files” out to the stores because they will end up on a Torrent site. If you’re a media company, imagine how bad it is after a decade when your entire cupboard is in the cloud and in public domain? That’s not going to work. So they have to have a manageable way of improving the archive and selling the content in order to keep the business going for our benefit, because we want these great recordings."


Also, don't worry, the MQA is even more than the hype - it is revolutionary and Robert even knows what it's like to walk in Copernicus' shoes:


"Well, without wishing to draw any comparisons of significance, I have walked on the beach and thought, “Now I know how Copernicus felt.” [laughs] He knew something, but it was going to be painful to tell the story. But we might make a big improvement in how the next generations can enjoy music, so how can we stay silent? I guess I’m luckier, because the worst we’ll get is the wrath of audiophiles and scientists, not excommunication."


But hey, he did not what to draw any comparison of "significance"... ;)

Hey MQA, if it is not all $voodoo$, show us the math!

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Don't really see how it is DRM nor that it answers any questions or solves any worries companies have about duplication. MQA can be sent or stored as FLAC or ALAC according to Meridian. Those can be torrented or duplicated as easily as anything.


MQA would seem to be more of an endorsement that you are getting the quality authorized by the owners at best. So no not DRM.

And always keep in mind: Cognitive biases, like seeing optical illusions are a sign of a normally functioning brain. We all have them, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, but it is something that affects our objective evaluation of reality. 

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Yep, MQA is about DRM, even if it is a new form or method:


"It is unfortunately that MQA has decided to pull back the integration on ARIES/ARIES LE during CES as they have decided to make it an 'end to end' technology which means it will always requests a MQA certificatedDAC to work.


ARIES ARIES LE, will be able to playback or stream music contains MQA format but will not listed MQA certificated device, to benefit from MQA, you will need a MQA certificated DAC and this is the only way.


We are sorry about the decision made by MQA."

Hey MQA, if it is not all $voodoo$, show us the math!

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