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Sorry if this is light on the audiophile part of Computer Audiophile but I need some help setting up a DLNA server to be access remotely and an iPhone app that can access it remotely and stream to my phone. I think this probably exists but looking for some guidance and suggestions.


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The UPnP term for the streamer or 'player' is the UPnP renderer. There are some UPnP/DLNA supporting apps that not only have a UPnP control point & a UPnP renderer, but also include a UPnP media server to provide external UPnP streaming access on the network to the handheld device's own stored media files.


The BubbleUPnP app is considered the best example the all in one UPnP/DLNA supporting app, but is unfortunately only available on Android.

For iOS, the usual recommendation is PlugPlayer.


Incidentally, what help do you need setting up your DLNA server to be accessed remotely?

The name of the UPnP media server you are using, the machine/platform you are running it on and also what media file types you intend streaming from it would also be useful to know.

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On my Lan I use Minimserver. I'm not sure about how to configure this so I could use an app to access remotely? Minimserver works great with My Aries but I would explore something else if necessary to stream remotely.

I intend to stream Alac, Flac, and MP3. I have a small number of dsd files and high res, but mostly 16/44.


Many thanks for your reply, I will clarify my terminology to make it easier to find what I'm looking for.

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MinimServer is certainly one of the best UPnP media servers for music files, IMO. You didn't say what machine you've actually got it installed on, so I'm guessing it's on a NAS or similar headless network device, seeing as you require to configure it remotely and running MinimServer on an ordinary computer has no such issues accessing its configuration screens.


The application you need to use to configure MinimServer remotely is MinimWatch, though it's only available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The best place to get help for MinimServer, MinimWatch and MinimStreamer (MinimServer's optional transcoder) is the MinimServer forum. Support by its developer Simon Nash (aka simoncn) is first rate:

MinimServer Forum

We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.

-- Jo Cox

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Those are good.


I'm running my server on a headless 2006 Mac Pro. That is used as a file server and Plex, and Minimserver.


I'm looking at Plug Player and will probably give it a try. But just to be clear before I drop $5, can Plug Player be accessed outside of my Lan with some basic config to my router?

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I want to summarize where I am at and see if I can get more help.

Basically I want to stream my music collection to my phone outside my home network.


My computer is a 2006 Mac Pro running Minimserver. My phone is an iPhone 6s.


I tried using PlugPlayer app for iPhone. Using the phone to discover the server outside my lan was a pain but I got it connected after searching the plug player forums for a few minutes. Problem is once I got the connection made I kept getting an error 8 and could not play any type of file. Including MP3, Flac, Alac, and wav I couldn't play anything. I found other people with the same problem and it started a few years ago on there forums. I really can't find anyone that has Recently succeeded in using plug player connected to an outside network. All of the success in the forums where from 2010-2011 and the failures relating to error code 8 where 2012 after. By now I am frustrated with PlugPlayer and started looking for other Upnp apps for iOS. The coolest looking possibility was Neutron but I'm not going to pay for it unless I Know it works. And there is no confirmation that it will work that I can find.


Anybody have any suggestions?

Anybody can connection and stream using PlugPlayer externally or any other app?


My objective is not necessarily for best SQ but just to play a song from my music server on an external network to my phone.


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