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Completely new to this and need some help..

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Hey guys, I'm Unfadeable and I'm new here.

I'm not sure I even have a basic understanding on how audio works.. I listen to it, and use it while gaming.. but I'm a real newbie to all the terminology.. But I'll try to explain my problem as detailed as possible..


Currently I have a Logitech z2300 connected to my MSI z97-gd65 mobo with onboard audio. One of the speaker membrames has ruptured, causing really distorted sound. So I'm in the market for new ones, but here is the thing:


I have a budget of around 450 euro and I'd like a reccomendation on the following things:

- Want a closed headphone for gaming (so I won't disturb others in the same room, was thinking ATH m50x)

- New speakers, either fully replace the z2300 or just satellites etc.. (just for music, I'll use the headphone for gaming and watch movies in the family room on a Harman Kardon set)

- Dedicated soundcard, amp/dac


I appreciate nice sound, but I wouldn't call myself an audiophile (yet).

Anyone here that could point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

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Crutchfield seems to be a website that sells speaker etc? I'm from the Netherlands, so I prefer to buy it locally or via Amazon. Got recommended the Sony MDR-100AAP, would these be better than m50x or Beyer 770pro's for gaming?


The reason I recommended Crutchfield was for the consulting that you wouldn't get here. But since you're in Europe, try HiFiHeadphonesUK - they are experts on gaming gear. And they have a forum too.

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