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  1. The home screen marketing is a slight annoyance on the road (i use A+ at home) and they would be smart to market personalized music choices, but i'm surprised that so many are so quick to jump off a service that has provided us with the only CD-quality streaming in town for all this time. Not saying i won't check out (or switch to) Qobuz (full res is compelling), but the TIDAL animosity seems a bit high given the musical enjoyment so many of us have gotten from them vs. Apple or Spotify's mp3 streams. I know some folks don't like rap or MQA, but they offer both MQA and non-MQA versions of albums AND don't make you listen to hip-hop. I admit though, the meta data for classical too often IS a problem. Guess i'm just finding the TIDAL rancor a bit overheated.
  2. Good for you. You get to be a douche for the rest of your life! How exciting.
  3. All we can do in life is interpret other peoples' words. If I called you or your loved ones a nasty name and you took offense, would I then be able to say, "well, you're just taking it the wrong way"? It's called communication. Words matter. If you feel misinterpreted, then straighten out your comment. It certainly appeared as though you were comparing the actions of a Nazi sympathizer to someone like Mark Twain, who, as he lived his life, became a great admirer of the Jewish people. By listing all the people who have held anti Jewish biases through the ages, you make light of the fact that separating artist from a truly evil doer/supporter can be an impossible task. Like I said, if I'm misinterpreting your words, then please, explain.
  4. Speaking of a negative use case, I just saw this: It's exactly those wireless ear buds, however, that Jobs might have taken issue with. "Steve Jobs once argued with me about doing wireless earbuds," The Verge's Walt Mossberg recalled. "'You want yet another thing to charge?' he said." Mossberg added that Apple's new wireless headphones, or "AirPods," which run $159, will indeed be annoying to charge. "Five hours of battery life between charges on the new AirPods won't likely get you through a cross country flight ..."
  5. I find the exclusion of the analog headphone jack annoying, but iPhone and iTunes lost me long ago when it comes to serious music listening. I can imagine using crappy Bluetooth headphones for when I'm on the go and the dongle for when I'm flying. I use the PONO in the car anyway. I'm curious to hear other thoughts and see if I'm not thinking of certain use cases.
  6. Released today. Listening right now. Pretty good so far.
  7. You're being flip and it's not cute. Each person has to determine whether or not they can enjoy the art of a man whose personal views they disagree with -- but to make a joke about someone's struggles with enjoying a Nazi sympathizer's art by saying "hey, there's so many Jew haters -- if we can't like them, who can we like?" is straight up ignorant. Bohm supported and benefitted from a regime that committed genocide. Massive genocide. I suggest you have a think about that before making light of the issue.
  8. Ugh. Brendan O'Brien needs to go away. The new vinyls are supposed to have been mastered differently, so I'm curious if those are better than my originals (which may have been cut from CDs ... who knows). Original No Code vinyl sounds great, original Yield vinyl not so much. My original CDs both sound excellent. I buy everything these guys put out, but I'm very hesitant about these high res albums. Pearl Jam is my favorite band, but audiophiles they are not. Pitty. Something can rock AND sound great ... the two are not mutually exclusive. I'm eager to hear your opinion, Chris.
  9. The Meters Great R&B/Funk The drums alone are worth the price of admission.
  10. Try clearing your browser cookies. If you can't or don't want to do that, use Firefox in private mode so that you're not cookied into the old page.
  11. AAA LPs are still made by certain labels and artists, but they're rare. I think it is unfortunate. To your second point, the fact that most LP sources are digital does muddy the waters re: the debate about which source is best, but there's still room for discussion re: format. Some people would argue that a 24/192 sourced LP can sound better to their ears and on their system than simply playing back the file. For instance, the new Paul Simon (Stranger to Stranger) sounds better to me on vinyl than my 24/96 file even though it was recorded digitally. On other records, however, it's often the other way around. A lot depends on mastering, cutting, plating, pressing, etc. Lots of variables. So I do think there's room for some debate, however warn out it sometimes seems.
  12. This article seems to indicate DSD will be released. It also says that DSD was the source for the LPs. http://www.analogplanet.com/content/rolling-stones-mono-box-set-abkco-coming-september-30th#Wc0HxlyYfrOzmLMR.97
  13. Very exciting. I'd love to try the Albeniz. Unless you also have the rock band (which I didn't see on your site). Thanks Mario!
  14. Another great one A very cool cover of Lola at about the 14 minute mark.
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