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What is the added value of "the music industry"


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After reading Jessica's story (which is not unique and I am not sure adds anything except her particular story):


Jessica Williams, Pianist, Composer, Piano Music | WHY BUY CDS DIRECTLY FROM JESSICA WILLIAMS?


I was thinking about the added value of something called "the music industry". What does it actually do? Where is the value? It strikes me as a very inefficient, bloated bureaucracy designed for a bunch of middle men to skim from the pot. What am I missing?


Also, what can be done? I wonder if some sort of "musicians union" or organization is not called for. I wonder if musician owned and run "parallel industry" (is Tidal a beginning?) is not the future for musicians and their ability to recover more from their recordings.

Hey MQA, if it is not all $voodoo$, show us the math!

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