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Antelope Zodiac Coming Soon

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Quite a lot of anticipation. Vincent (VRS) told me about these back in June. The Plus has AES/EBU and a word clock input and atomic clock input, the regular just SPDIF and toslink. Both have headphone outputs and are form-factored to have the similarly priced Rubicon clock sit next top it.



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Just a disappointing update on the Antelope Zodiac DAC. I was going to try the Zodiac Plus model out through Sweetwater and their original release date was early January. I was excited to be honest and wanted to post a review here on CA. A Sweetwater rep contacted me recently and said Antelope had pushed back the release of the Basic model to June. The Plus and Gold models would not be released at the same time as the Basic but did not have info on a specific time frame. Bummer.


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