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  1. Mr. Hansen , I checked with HDTracks today, and was told HDmusicStream will be up and running by the end of the year. Aloha.
  2. I guess someone forgot to tell these folks that MQA is already dead. From www.audiostream.com: HDtracks, the grandfather of hi-res download sites, will be launching their own streaming service, HDmusicStream, which will feature all MQA-encoded music all the time, later this year. HDtracks have chosen 7digital to provide app development, host the music catalogue on its platform, and deliver tracks to consumers. Here's Pete Downton, Deputy CEO of 7digital (as reported in StockMarketWire.com): "We are excited today to be able to confirm our relationship with HDtracks. The Grammy Award-winning label Chesky Records—from HDtracks founders David and Norman Chesky—has, for many years, set the highest standards in high resolution audio. Their pursuit of excellence will soon be available to audiophile music fans in a streaming service for the first time".
  3. The Politics of MQA: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/the-politics-of-mqa/
  4. SoundStage! Ultra | SoundStageUltra.com (UltraAudio.com) | Devialet 400 Mono Integrated Amplifier-DACs
  5. The Lumins(S1,A1,T1) will work with the Devialet, but your paying for a DAC stage that you don't need. BTW, there's a great deal on a D200 on Agon.
  6. Chris, Having heard the BADA Series 2 and talking with Maier, I'm not surprised by your findings. I very interested in how the RS in your current system compares to the Devialet.
  7. JA posted this on Audio Asylum: "I plan on doing that follow-up, comparing the PS Audio DAC with the Luxman DA-06, Auralic Vega, and dCS Vivaldi."
  8. I've had a BADA Series II in my system and IMO, Redbook CD playback doesn't sound as good as vinyl or hi rez PCM. If you've never heard any hi rez PCM, get this sampler disc: Reference Recordings - HRx Details
  9. Mahalo for the recommendations. Where can I get the Blue Minor DSD download?
  10. Wonder if Hi Fi News had the latest firmware installed. It will be interesting to see JA's measurements of the DirectStream DAC the Art Dudley is reviewing.
  11. Berkeley Alpha Reference DAC was at the Newport Show in The Audio Salon room: Robert Harley on T.H.E. Show Newport's Highlights | The Absolute Sound
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