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Kickstarter for NEW AMIGA A1200 CASES!

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Cool! It reminds me the A500 that I had "a few" years ago.


My brother and I spent countless hours on an A500 playing Kick Off 2, Lotus Esprit Turbo, and many more!

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My brother and I spent countless hours on an A500 playing Kick Off 2, Lotus Esprit Turbo, and many more!


Same story here. My brother made me play Battle Chess before playing something "more fun" with me. I loved the Kick Off / Sensible Soccer games. After I enjoyed those that much I was never able to like the later Fifa and Pro Evolution saga.


I still remember as if it were today the first time that I powered on the Amiga and inserted the IK+ disk. My jaw dropped when the music started.


Other of my favourite games (Lotus Esprit was one of them :) ): Shadow of the Beast, Blood Money, Turrican 2, .... (and many more. There were countless fantastic games)



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Not sure if some of you know, but the campaign had been relaunched last month, and is now an officially licensed Amiga Inc. product . It now also includes the Amiga logo on top, plus has loads of new features, such as a UV resistant case, Raspberry Pi compatibility, and has the iconic signatures from Dave Haynie, Dave Needle, Donald Pleasance & RJ Mical (original members of the Amiga team) on the bottom of the case (just like the original A1000 model)



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I'm a supporter :)


My retro gaming collection includes:


ZX Spectrum 48k

C64 (in both cases)

Atari 800XL and 65XE

Amiga A1200


Good old times !


BTW - it is a good idea to post this in the off topic sections of various forums, as the campaign has slowed down dangerously. Did you post it on other hifi forums ?



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