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Hi res download John Hiatt?

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Does anyone know if there is a hi res download available of John Hiatt's Bring The Family? I'm a great fan, have most of his releases (vinyl and/or CD), but missed the 2004 dvd-a of Bring The Family. I expected that, given the increased interest in hi res and the availability of this hi res mix, the album would turn up as a download, but I didn't find it (yet).


Hiatt gave a great show in Utrecht (the Netherlands) last weekend, and it definitely sparked my interest. I really really really need to find this one ;-)


Of course any tip is welcome concerning Hiatt's music in hi res! To prevent any time-wasting: I know of, and have already: Master Of Disaster (sacd), Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns (dvd-a) and Terms Of My Surrender (24/44 download) ...


Keeping my fingers crossed ...!



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Thanks, Bottlerocket. Ebay checked, found them. Only US and Canada though, I'm in Europe. Have to think about that - it won't be the first time I would be, let's say, disappointed. And the hassle or sometimes the impossibility to set things straight... Pfff. Still $40 plus costs on the line...

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