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Two of Dolphy's Out to Lunch at HDtracks

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HDtracks is having a pretty good sale on jazz right now. One of the titles I am looking at is Eric Dolphy's "Out to Lunch". There are two versions. One is 44-24 and and RVG edition, the other is 88-24 and "remastered for high-resolution". Can anyone shed some light on these remasterings?




Edit: Oops. I meant Dolphy's "Out There". Not "Out to Lunch". Sorry. "Out There" is the one with two versions.

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I wish I could help you here. I have the SACD which I have converted to DSF. It is great music and the copy I have sounds great. Hopefully someone can assist.



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The 24/88 version is probably generated from the SACD transfer.


The SACD only has DR9, which is unusually compressed for this SACD series (the OJC CD has DR11). It sounds quite good though.


However I don't think that the Fantasy SACDs from the mid-2000's are the last word in mastering quality.


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