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Empirical Audio Overdrive SE - Hynes Reg (Analog & D/A Chip) / CUTF coupling caps, all mods current

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Up for sale is less than 1 year old and updated with all current options and modifications is the Empirical Audio Overdrive SE. This unit is in mint condition. I am selling to purchase Steve Nugent's newest incarnation the Overdrive SX. The SE as bested my: John Wright Modded Museatex with EMM powersupply; EMM dac 2x; and presents better inner detail, and decay than the Allnic D5000 DHT. The Overdrive SE DAC restored my enjoyment of music to the analog era.


"Empirical Audio Overdrive SE (ODSE) is my current reference dac. This unit is fully loaded with all available options offered by Empirical. Like the ODSE, the D5000 naturally envelops me in the music. While they both are excellent dacs, they truly are a different flavor. The D5000 provides more stage presence, as if you were at a nice outdoor venue sitting in a lawn chair somewhere in front of the soundboard. Empirical has more delicacy, revealing the fingertip-friction sounds on an instrumental string, better voice articulation and over all inner detail creating an ambience of a small studio session. I remain to find a dac that re-creates this level of timbre with such realism that naturally differentiates the uniqueness of each individual instrument when simultaneously playing the same note."


Paid over $8600. Lowest selling price is $5000 + Paypal + Shipping. This dac is in perfect condition.


This dac can be used without a preamp and I found that the ODSE in combination with the Empirical Audio Final Drive Transformers bested my Allnic L3000 DHT ($12,900). I do prefer the sound of the Allnic L5000 DHT with Kron Tubes but this unit retails for $22,000!


I believe the ODSE and Final Drive will best most everything out there at a fraction of the cost.




This is a nugget from the lengthy thread:


"At this moment in time, I am STILL enjoying the absolutely beguiling ODSE. It does not have the complexity of the Aeris, nor the masterful recreation of tone and texture that the Aeris is starting to display. The Aeris will, when fully broken in, clearly control lower frequencies more definitively and have a wonderful, expansive soundstage. But the ODSE is a black hole - you can't turn it on and start listening and not get sucked in. It's like getting hugged by the right girl, you don't feel the arms or the body or the breath on your neck (although they are all there and rather enjoyable), you just close your eyes and sink into the utter magic of the moment. IF the Aeris blossoms and develops this quality, then it will be the best DAC I have ever heard. Guido, Csmsart, and many others are telling me it will. We shall see….."




***This unit of the Overdrive SE is the current production configuration and is fully loaded with all available options and modifications.***


Measurements (Measured at 24/96):

THD+N (1kHz @ 0dBFS): -100dB

THD+N (1kHz @ -20dBFS): -105dB

Crosstalk (typical @0dBFS): -118dB

Crosstalk (@ 20kHz 0dBFS): -110dB

Frequency Response (-10Hz to 20kHz): -0.6dB

IMD (with 100K ohm load): -106dB

Dynamic Range (A-weighted 1kHz): 106dB

RCA Output Level: 1VRMS or 2.3VRMS

XLR Output Level: 2VRMS or 4.5VRMS

These links show the impulse response of the Overdrive DAC at 24/96 and 24/192. Hardly any pre-ring and the pulse gets almost to 1.5V (the input level). Pulse on the 24/96 reaches 1.233V. Other DACs have more pre-ring and never get anywhere near the amplitude of the input signal. This demonstrates the fast slew-rate of this DAC and the grip that it has on transients.

Impulse Response @ 24/96

Impulse Response @ 24/192


USB 2.0, Mac or PC, up to 5 meter USB cable – up to 24/192 supported

S/PDIF coax – BNC (RCA adapter included) – 44.1, 88.2, 96 and 192 supported at 16 and 24-bits

I2S (Empirical standard RJ-45) – 44.1, 88.2, 96 and 192 supported at 16 and 24-bits

DC power (+12VDC, -18VDC, +18VDC) from included Substation AC"


RCA left and right channels

XLR left and right channels


Input Select

De-emphasis Select

Digital Filter Select – High, Medium, Low

Line/Volume Select – recessed

High/Low gain Select – recessed

Volume knob

Internal jumpers for 3 volume ranges


Overdrive SE DAC

Substation AC power supply

DC power supply umbilical cable

5 meter USB cable

BNC to RCA adapter

CDROM with PC/Mac installation software

RCA to Phone-jack Headphone adapter – only high-impedance headphones supported


Located in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Smoke-free, pet-free environment.


The unit will be safely DOUBLE-BOXED and INSURED with lots of packing.


NOTE: Seller reserves the right not to sell to buyers with less than excellent feedback.


Buyer will pay for shipping including insurance. 3.5% fee will be added for Paypal U.S., 4% for Canadian Paypal. I wlll also take Cashier’s Checks or Money Order. I will ship out ASAP when funds clear (that’s up to 14 days for a Cashier’s Check). I have an established Fedex account and get very reasonable rates.


Legitimate offers will be considered; low-ballers will be politely ignored.


I will ship outside of the US or Canada after wire transfer is completed. This unit is 110-120V, 60 Hz AC.


Thanks for looking!

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