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Chord DAC64 vs Hugo on RB and 24/96

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Ok I admit I'm being lazy here as I do own both DACs, but before I get my old DAC 64 out of storage, find space for it etc, I wondered if anyone else had compared these DACs back to back on Red Book and 24/96 and what your conclusions were?


Reason I ask is that I'm finding my BDP-2/Hugo combination so good on RB that I'm rediscovering my CDs and neglecting 24/192 and DSD. I have owned the DAC64 for a decade, but to be honest for me it never made the immediate impact that the Hugo has done, but now wondering what it might be like partnered with the BDP-2?


BDP-2 currently connected to Hugo via USB and SPDIF (I can't hear any difference). BDP-2 could connect via AES/EBU to DAC 64.

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I'd give it a try definitely, the dac64 sounded incredible as part of a system I heard years ago - I can't remember the exact components but it had a Musical Fidelity CD transport (I think), pre and power amps and Wilson Benesch speakers with the dac64. I never did own the dac or any of the other components but remember how good it all sounded together.


If you do try it I would be interested in your comparison.







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