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Controlling Pandora From iPhone?


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Does anyone know a way to control Pandora, as it is playing on a desktop Mac? What I'd love is an app like Apple's Remote for Pandora, but so far there doesn't seem to be anything out there. (Pandora has created a great iPhone app for listening on the iPhone, but I'm looking for a controller on the iPhone for Pandora running on the desktop.)


Seems like the only way to go is VNC, but I haven't heard of a good VNC iPhone app. Anyone know of one? All I really need is the ability to click on a few buttons on a web page.





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Don't know of a way to control Pandora with the iPhone but there are a few VNC apps for the iPhone. Can't remember the names of the ones I've used, but a quick search of the app store will bring them all up for you. The screen os awfully small for VNC, but if you only need a couple clicks you might be in luck.


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