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I was quietly enjoying music while updating tags and covers art when the music start stuttering... Now, I can't play anything more than 2 seconds as those 2 first seconds keep stuttering over and over and over... That is the first 2 seconds of any songs on any albums...




I rebooted the PC a couple of times, got music playing again for a while then switching songs/albums the stuttering keeps coming back... About 2 seconds in any songs and the stutter starts.


Anyone has an idea? Is that the sign that my HD is dead/dying?


I use JRMC19 with an external 4TB WD My Book thats about 1 year old.


Any input would be appreciated.



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To me is sounds more like you accidentally changed a playback-setting, but I have no experience with JRMC.



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I think I would pull up Task Manager and look for unexpected processes running. For example, maybe the system is busy trying to index your external drive.


Also try playing some of the same files using a different player; e.g. foobar or just windows media player. Do you have the same issue?

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After a few hours of trials and errors, I'd successfully isolated the problem which was JRemote. I have no idea why and what happened when I updated the tags and covers but afterwards, whenever I was opening/using JRemote, the stutter started. Closing JRemote and using the mouse instead and bingo, stutter's gone!


So I ended up deleting JRemote from my iPad and do a re-install and voilà!


Problem solved and everything is working fine again.

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Probably worth reporting to JRiver.


I assume that you meant to say, "Probably worth reporting to JRemote". JRemote is not a J River product.

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