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  1. Bravo for that great read about Kate Bush seminal album. I have 5 different versions of Hounds Of Love and I agree with the author, the 2018 remaster is probably the best sounding one. That said, the differences between all versions are rather slight and not worth upgrading for the casual listener. Even the 1997 Chris Blair remaster is quite good even if it's louder with less pristine DR figures. Those of you listening with your ears (instead of graphs) will appreciate it. Again, the 2018 remasters are the best available (in my not so humble opinion) but none of her back catalog ever sounded bad on cd. So, while the new remasters are a bit better, they are not a revelation as the old ones always sounded good to begin with. The 2018 remasters have a slightly rounder quality to it, perhaps a hair warmer with just a tad more low end (hence the rounder/warmer quality). Hounds Of Love is often considered Kate Bush masterpiece and while it's not my favorite album of hers, it is indeed a perfect album!
  2. It took 5 hours to scan and add almost all files (153 files are maybe missing; 95822 files on JRiver vs 95669 on Roon) and it is still at 8155 files analysis after 5 hours... I did switch to 4 cores so maybe it did help. I guess I was wrong after all about it taking days but I'm pretty sure I read that a few times in the past and thought It was a bit odd. I like it so far, lots of great options and stuff to look at but it is quite different from JRemote... Quite a few more clics than JRemote to get to the music... Then again, I am an old fart and been using JRemote since day 1 so old farts usually don't like change that much! Thanks to all for the help!
  3. I am about to try Roon for the first time. Is It true that It can take days to index all of my music? JRiver tells me I have 95822 files (or about 5TB worth of music). What should I expect? Thanks!
  4. No I can't. It has to be in my small living space. No choice. It would be a non issue otherwise, of course. Interestingly enough, the link for the video you provide is the drive I should have buy as I already have one just like that and It is silent and works flawlessly for the past 2 years. But I bought the new model (the hub with USB ports) as It was the one 43% off on boxing day thinking a drive is a drive is a drive... Turns out that new model/design is quite noisy and seem to be "working" all the time.
  5. Hello, I bought a 8tb external Seagate Backup Plus Hub on Boxing Day and I find it really noisy so I was wondering If I could open it and use the hard drive inside my 2 year old i7 Dell XPS tower* instead? Thanks! * I only have one 2tb drive in it so I am pretty sure there is place for another one. Backup Plus Desktop: 4TB External Storage Hard Drives| Seagate
  6. Audacity is great and free but there was quite a learning curve (for me at least). For 30$ VinylStudio is a truly amazing ripping software and super easy to learn/use. Will make your life so much easier. Plus you get the discogs.com library search. A non-brainer at this price. IMHO of course. Record LPs and Tapes to CD and MP3 on your PC or Macintosh Also, the Michael Fremer ADC test was quite an eye opener for me as to how subtle the differences were (If any) between all those great components. Have fun!
  7. You might want to read and try this: Analog to Digital Converter Shootout: Which Sounds Best? (All Files Now Corrected and Available) | Analog Planet Depending what you hear (or not) It might be helpful to you. Good luck!
  8. Prices in Canada are a bit higher but you are right, looks like it will cost at least 100$ for what I need. I will think about it and look up on Kijiji for a used one perhaps. Thanks again esldude for your precious help, truly appreciated!
  9. Because It is 16/48 max unlike the DIGITAL who goes up to 24/96 but the real reason (and interest in the first place) is that I can get it for 150-200$ less (than the USB you proposed)... A really, really good deal! Also, at first, I was pretty sure the line in (the blue input) on my pc was both analog and digital like on many macs. Hence why I came here to make sure and turns out I was wrong and there is no free lunch after all... I will either have to buy a sound card or wait and buy a Rega like I wanted in the first place + phono preamp + 24/96 ADC which will turn out to be in the end more than twice the price of the Essential II DIGITAL...
  10. You are quite right indeed... The Xonar DG is toslink output only damn It...! No free lunch yet again... Just curious here (even though Its no contender no more), the Xonar DG specs says playback 24/96, recording 24/48... If there has been a toslink input, would the 48KHz recording limit matter since earlier you said the Pro-Ject ADC was the one doing the work anyway or does both ADC needs to be 24/96? Thanks again Monsieur!
  11. I do have a Macbook Air (late 2010) I could also use but alas no optical input either...
  12. Thanks a lot for that. I was really wondering about that one. I can get a Asus Xonar DG for peanuts. So basically the quality of the sound card doesn't really matter in the end because the Pro-Ject ADC is doing the work. The review I've read of the Essential II Digital said the ADC was very good in it, with good measurements, better than most sound card. And It does 24/96. And I can get one for a really good price. Which is mostly why I am interested in it since It wasn't really my first choice...
  13. I am thinking of maybe buying a Pro-Ject Essential II Digital turntable with optical (toslink) out to rip my vinyls in 24/96. Pro-Ject Audio Systems The problem is I don't have an optical input on my pc. This is what I have. Are those inputs all analog? My question is can I get some sort of adapter or converter or do I have to absolutely buy a new sound card? And If I get a new sound card, which ADC matter in the end? The one in the Pro-Ject turntable or the one in the sound card? Is one or the other bypassed at some point? Thanks!
  14. Paul, I openly asked if anyone knew if Robert Ryan (member Lespaul) was still working at JRiver and If JRemote was still his or If it was now owned by JRiver. That's It. Jim then replied that answers to my questions were private matters. Case closed. In no way, shape or form was JRemote support and/or upgrade was in question here. JRiver still works perfectly and so does JRemote.
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