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300+ studio master albums "hifi classics" discounted up to 35% at Qobuz

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Excellent tip, just downloaded 7 albums - seems quite reasonable prices...

Trying to make sense of all the bits...MacMini/Amarra -> WavIO USB to I2S -> DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC -> Active XO ->Bass Amp Avondale NCC200s, Mid/Treble Amp Sugden Masterclass -> My Own Speakers

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There is great stuff there at reasonable prices. The Blue Note remasters are basically all great sounding. If you like Coltrane you can pick up a pretty good amount of his catalog in hi-res remasters. Better sounding than any older version you might have.


Ditto the recent remaster "1971 Fillmore East Recordings" which is the complete 6 CD version of the entire set of concerts from which the "Allman Brothers Live at Fillore East" was taken. It's there for about 40% less than I paid when it first came out.

Main listening (small home office):

Main setup: Surge protector +_iFi  AC iPurifiers >Isol-8 Mini sub Axis Power Conditioning+Isolation>QuietPC Low Noise Server>Roon (Audiolense DRC)>Stack Audio Link II>Kii Control>Kii Three >GIK Room Treatments.

Secondary Listening: Server with Audiolense RC>RPi4 or analog>Matrix Element i Streamer/DAC (XLR)+Schiit Freya>Kii Three .

Bedroom: SBTouch to Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Setup.
Living Room/Kitchen: Ropieee (RPi3b+ with touchscreen) + Schiit Modi3E to a pair of Morel Hogtalare. 

All absolute statements about audio are false :)

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