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Lunatic Soul - New release

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New release - Lunatic Soul , Walking on a flashlight beam. Released in Europe, US in a week or so.

Available on soundcloud for preview



Hard to describe his music/sound, but surely contains many different elements – rock, incredible vocals, atmospheric, certainly percussive.


This is the solo music from lead singer, MARIUSZ DUDA who comes from the band Riverside (prog/rock). It's the fourth album from Luatic and all previous are absolute gems. He is a genius without question.


The last album Impressions, is mostly instrumental and is stunning. Many of the songs start out “light” and delicate, then build up to this crescendo with full drums, bass. Check them out.


Some favorites

Suspended In Whiteness

Impression III (KILLER speaker demo)

Lunatic Soul - Impression III - YouTube

The Final Truth

My rig


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