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  1. Does the general feeling on this apply to upsampling chains? I thought using win on whatever device is attached to dac is "better" in so far as driver support? With the windows general downsides notwithstanding, I was under the impression in many cases it makes native (instead of DoP) possible as well as removing many of the pops and clicks between sample rates? This is probably more dac dependent, though I recall Chris even started a thread on this very issue on his latest PC builds. My opticalrendu suffers from this, but when a win naa is attached those issue go away. Sorry f
  2. Nothing other than the description mentions adanco and was wondering if this was some modified version of it etc..
  3. Right. A lot of positive reports on the stock Adnaco stuff, but if one were able to use an XE or sotm type of USB pci cards in a Adnaco R1BP1A, that would be interesting.
  4. That's a very interesting observation and very true. What conceivable advantage (other then protecting/educating the consumer) would it be for the many knowledgeable AND qualified individuals (and no the guy at asr isn't the only qualified person) who have analyzed this and provided tons of data to back up their analysis? None, or at least nothing obvious. Not to mention the amount of time spent on this, just crazy. If there was never ANY costs for mqa (licensing, hardware, propriety format, fees etc..) much of this would probably not have gained the attention it has
  5. Someone has predetermined how something should sound, locked it into a proprietary format, requires you to purchase new hardware (to get full "affect") and wants the music biz to sign up so as to be the standard going forward......Hmmm. If I was the mastering engineer/band/engineer and had my music batch processed to this format (which is has) without my blessing/know how I'd be livid.
  6. Gotcha, I'm sure it sounds fantastic, I know mine does. BUT, you know how this goes.....I've been thinking of eliminating one "hop" just to try since I run fiber into listening room. So moving my high end wkst (running server 2019 with HQP) into listening room, getting a fiber eth card and a XE usb to go direct to dac. The advantage? Besides eliminating a hop (OR) I could use the windows drivers so as to use native DSD and eliminate the F&*%$ pops when switching sample rates (in some cases) AND you can run NAA (using the batch file) on same system to retain using roon (sep
  7. Correct, I was just putting out the possibility of a dac direct config e.g. => roon core on its own server => server/wkst with HQP (with both XE cards) => DAC. I suppose I went off on a totally different tangent not relevant, my bad 😄
  8. Such a dumb question 😄 I would think if one is using an XE net card one would then have a XE usb card in same system ("server") thus going direct to DAC? However, the comment about one box system is a very broad stroke, especially since it changes daily 'round here. One day its this, next week its a whole new way - which is cool and part of the experimenting / hobby. I've been contemplating very seriously moving my server into listening room, getting a fiber card and a XE usb card to go dac direct (HQP) and comparing it to my current OpticalRendu setup (2 box).
  9. Not the same as above but looks like @AfterDark. has a modified 2 box solution, not sure what the usb specs are (e.g. jcat) https://www.adark.co/products/afterdark-nocturnes-usb-conditioning-over-fiber-optics-x-giesemann-10m-master-clock-edition?variant=39297542062198
  10. Has anyone put together a "case + LPS" package together to fit the Adnaco-R1BP1A? This would be the remote end point "case" that would take the place of using R1USB endpoint which would enable use a JCAT type of usb card
  11. Yes, was now able to install. Weird. Cant "download" an installer per se, but is installed now. 👍
  12. Install probs - Have the trail email, clicked the link, it goes to the AV site and nothing happens? Retried the link, says account already exists. Cant you just download the installer? Not sure what / where to go at this point. Maybe the servers are being max'd out.
  13. Foggie

    HQ Player

    Curious if anyone might have some clues on why I can't get V4.x to run, but my licensed V3.x works fine. Problem: When I launch HQP V4.x (4.1.3 as well as prev V4 version), it hangs on splash screen and never gets past this so I kill the process. I have two installs, my lic of V3.x and have installed / tried a couple V4.x to trial. V4 used to work, but then one day this problem started. I can't remember when / or any specific change to the wkst to correlate when then started (e.g. OS updates etc..) since I use V3, but wanting to get onto V4 but not sure about what OS type to go
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