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  1. Seeing as I'm the only mU customer with issues using a OM on a fiber network, it would only make sense to use me as a beta tester for the EtherREGEN 😉.
  2. Rival was poor choice of words, I thought you may have tried the various switches from the audio vendors etc..I have no ref with those. Anyway I run fiber in my home and to listening room for the past couple years and have been very happy with the results. I guess was wondering if it was basically the price point for this switch that was the standout, being fiber is self explanatory. Thanks for the info and links. Since my fiber switch isn't working well with the OM and mU, I'm considering options.
  3. Is the thought with the MikroTik to be used like any other switch but being it supports 10gb standards, it might be a “quieter” and rival some of the audiophile switches (if there is such a thing) or just that it has 4 sfp ports and is inexpensive? Or all the above
  4. The update did not fix the issue for me. In my emails with JR, I described my setup, what I have tried thus far etc.. and was told to sit tight as it’s being looked at further. I have performed all scenarios as instructed.
  5. FWIW On my model and firmware, there are no other flow control statistics than what I showed. In the switching menu its enable or disable pe my screenshot. The sfp ports run at full 1GB so you cant set it to auto or 100MB in the flow control menu. Although similar to managed switches there are multitude of other settings, I could configure ingress and egress bandwidth limits to that specific port which might help, but haven't tried. Seeing as Sonore has released an update to their OS, I will try that as well.
  6. @Miska Thanks I’ll take a look this evening
  7. Ok was just showing that the option was enabled and not sure what else one would need to make that setting active. My specific switch may have functions to emulate flow cntrl but haven’t gone down that road.
  8. using mU with OM at audio rack
  9. If flow control is enabled and available on managed switches, is there an explanation why that still doesn't fix the issue - Is it because the issue is on the endpoint side of things and isn't able to handle pause frames/flow control?
  10. Curious and if you can => In simple terms, why does the Trendnet FMC 10/100/1000 handle this situation but the OM and TPlLink FMC's (MC220L I think) don't handle this?
  11. Thanks @JohnSwenson for the info. OK so it sounds like until a software fix is added to earlier rendu's to support this issue, the only solution that "might" work is to either use a dumb switch (which defeats the entire purpose) or enable flow control on a managed switch? FWIW here are my flow control settings.
  12. So I updated mU and then powered off and rebooted the entire chain, no go. I'll speak with Sonore offline as they have always been great at assisting and communicating with.
  13. /\ /\ Would also be beneficial to indicate this potential issue in the literature (maybe it already is). I will test a couple things previously pointed out but doubt any of those will solve the issue without the “bandaid”. I’ll also try mU as just a Roon endpoint I wasn’t aware about the specific “flow control issue” within the mU device that was just mentioned. Good that the OR has that built in so to speak and not reliant on end users switches / enviro
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