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  1. I have read on several occasions that some have experienced same/similar behavior (dropping connections) after inserting some LPS's to their network gear (modems et al). Take it with a grain of salt. Highly recommend Bob's reference on Ubiquiti stuff and I would stay away from cable all in one router. Sticking with separate modem, wifi, router and switch provides tons of flexibility and offloads all the "crap" to the indiv network components. Tackling that kind of setup is not for everyone or every situation for sure, but sounds like your pretty much their or could be with some
  2. A bit random question, but in your opening statement you state "the Kii speakers are an incredible system, but they are out of most "normal budgets." Sorry if I'm missing the point, but what does you owning the Kii's have anything to do with anyone else and or others budgets? I get simplifying, but the Kii's seem to be a killer system and something you definitely enjoyed immensely? Additionally, other then size their pretty simplified as is, being active. Anyway just curious.👍
  3. A bit OT - a cool story though for sure and I love Sammy + him in the VH years, but when I was reading this I immediately thought of my two VH albums that sound drastically different. Literally the same song sounds night and day. Not a surprise in that different master/mixing et al make a difference. I just wanted to point out this specific example for a point of reference if you're interested. Per my pics, the WEA version absolutely smokes the WB version.
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but can you clarify your chain before and after? I'm confused where your roon library is (all on melco now instead of nucleus)?
  5. Did you oil the connectors? 😁 Probably a long shot but ..... One thing to try is to prevent drivers to auto install after removing them once removed (e.g. uninstall drivers + remove device in device mgr > reboot) and to only install the Mytek driver upon next login (reboot after install). Again prob a very long shot.
  6. I don't think recommending to use "component X will be better" is worthwhile IMHO. The question of cost, seems to me anyway, the wrong way to look at this. The cost of a component is pretty irrelevant in terms of its performance to the individual. Analog vs digital - there’s a million discussions on that topic and there is NO ANSWER and NEVER will be to that question. If you want to dabble in vinyl then go for it. However, just be prepared that any avenue you go down whether digital or vinyl, the SAME rabbit hole exists. The reality is that in the end, it all
  7. It ls an interesting predicament, well kinda - the audio first world problems and all. BUT until I get to the point where I’m tired of all the “stuff” (which I’m sure I’ll get to yrs down the road), I want big freaking mono amps, separate DAC, pre etc.. so I’ll respectfully snub my nose at the all in one Swiss Army knife integrated’s 😃🤪 Although this Mac does look pretty darn cool!👍
  8. Flow control, I don't think the orig handled that spec eloquently or maybe not at all
  9. Thanks. So my findings of 5-10% variance appears to be "normal". I rarely look at the meter (Belkin). Sitting down now for tunes and just looked at the meter (no iso) and says 125v. AC is running and prob a busy time in the neighborhood. I was only using the Belkin into the iso for a meter reading / curiosity and thus my questions. There are a lot of knowledgeable power individuals here so its nice to pose questions here, hoping some are interested/engaged in this topic. I don't know what "small voltage increases" are with respect to the engineering side of things
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