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  1. Interesting. I don't either (in main rig) but its mainly do to supporting the artist as much as possible. Anyway I don't want to side track this topic.
  2. So does this explain your signature, or is it for other reasons? Sorry if its OT.
  3. Oh goodness, whats with all the drama 🙄 How old are most of the people here - is it really that difficult to have a conversation about audio? Civility, zero social skills and people skills is what I see. Some approach forums / hobbies like a full time job, almost to justify themselves and some think way to highly of themselves. This whole ordeal is a way bigger then any group of individuals on this or any other forum. It's really about self accountability and acting like a adult with the ability to carry on a conversation without acting like a petulant child. Move on, scroll on if you cant conduct an ADULT CONVERSATION or disagreement. There is a certain level of intelligence on how converse, talk to people of varying levels of personalities. Self-awareness. Self-regulation. Motivation Empathy Social skills https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/emotional-intelligence Most/many here are educated, family people (probably) and how they conduct themselves simply boggles the mind at times. You don't agree with a viewpoint, put them on ignore and or keep scrolling OR offer viewpoints with some manner of intelligence
  4. Similar to Chris's Bob Seger flurry awhile back, I revisited this by accident and rediscovered a TON of great tunes off this compilation! Hours gone in a blink. Pretty good sonics on many of them as well > Cherry Bom, Pink Houses....
  5. Have the shipping issues been sorted, e.g. are the cards being put into something protective?
  6. Are you in the market? They're a beautiful speaker, loads of tech, can be a bit on the hot side depending on well...many things. Didn’t seem to take off “hugely”, a lot of great reviews but seem to be a love hate thing
  7. Those are replacement ribbon tweeters right? One doesn't actually listen to music covering their ears with metal thingy's? 😁😜
  8. Yeah I'm having a difficulty with his concept that a "good system" = (obviously open to anyone's interpretation) everything sounds good regardless of _____? On the surface, I think most can correlate some basic meaning/understanding of that, but it seems to me that he is really conditioning himself to "like" how anything sounds. I mean that is fine and to each his own, but to say ones perceived sound (quality) doesn't really matter doesn't click with me. The music is first and foremost (always, not the gear) but I don't feel the same when I hear a tune on a clock radio vs my rig, a good system whatever one wants to call it. IOW, although I can tap my feet, have memories, bob my head etc..from a clock radio, all of that and more is exponential on a "good system". Always has been for me and is why I was drawn into the damn hobby and always am trying to improve or get the most out of (within reason). I think I went on a tangent there.
  9. Thus my statement "Every Forum" Don't read too much into it
  10. Now that is thinking like a true Minnestoa'ian! Yaaaa
  11. Manny’s out on delivery ”oh geezzzz, not that speaker guy again”🙄
  12. Based on the title 10GB, isn’t this switch only 1GB capable? I’ve been contemplating updating my managed switch and internal wkst with10GBe fiber
  13. I had never saw that thread, interesting read for sure. People REALLY need to think for themselves and do their own do diligence. Every forum has “that” group but the asr site is just disturbing on so many levels. I’m sure a lot of intelligent and good individuals exists there (as well as the reverse) but man the extreme level is off the charts. Not sure what the draw is, but like anything else / any hobby, some just have to feel like they have to belong and follow - at any cost. It’s just audio!! Interesting psychology study. Sorry I digress
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