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  1. I don't think recommending to use "component X will be better" is worthwhile IMHO. The question of cost, seems to me anyway, the wrong way to look at this. The cost of a component is pretty irrelevant in terms of its performance to the individual. Analog vs digital - there’s a million discussions on that topic and there is NO ANSWER and NEVER will be to that question. If you want to dabble in vinyl then go for it. However, just be prepared that any avenue you go down whether digital or vinyl, the SAME rabbit hole exists. The reality is that in the end, it all
  2. It ls an interesting predicament, well kinda - the audio first world problems and all. BUT until I get to the point where I’m tired of all the “stuff” (which I’m sure I’ll get to yrs down the road), I want big freaking mono amps, separate DAC, pre etc.. so I’ll respectfully snub my nose at the all in one Swiss Army knife integrated’s 😃🤪 Although this Mac does look pretty darn cool!👍
  3. Flow control, I don't think the orig handled that spec eloquently or maybe not at all
  4. Thanks. So my findings of 5-10% variance appears to be "normal". I rarely look at the meter (Belkin). Sitting down now for tunes and just looked at the meter (no iso) and says 125v. AC is running and prob a busy time in the neighborhood. I was only using the Belkin into the iso for a meter reading / curiosity and thus my questions. There are a lot of knowledgeable power individuals here so its nice to pose questions here, hoping some are interested/engaged in this topic. I don't know what "small voltage increases" are with respect to the engineering side of things
  5. I also noticed that the Belkin indicates wiring + ground fault when plugged into iso transformer? Maybe that's as designed (floating secondary or whatever)? The meter pick is a stock photo
  6. I have a pretty basic Belkin “line conditioner” (pf60) and it reads 123 or 124v on its meter at idle. I only have my Preamp, DAC and a LPS (for OpticalRendu) plugged in. I have an isolation transformer (new TrippLite 1000HG) and was going to test it out on the front-end gear for kicks. I plugged the Belkin into the iso transformer (none of the components were powered on) and the Belkin read 127v? That seems a bit high and is that normal for an iso transformer to increase the voltage? The only “load” was the Belkin and I didn’t power on any of the components. I was also going
  7. @Luvdac - I run about a 60 ft run of MM optical direct from my switch (network in util room) to listening room and then into a OpticalRendu, no problems. As to MM and SM, your talking massive distances with regard to a home network especially with SM. You can take this with regards to costs as far as you want to go down the rabbit hole.
  8. Huge fan of these guys. Their latest, released yesterday, is another wonderful addition to their discography. This is a killer release no doubt, one of those that immediately clicks all the way through. Being a drummer, Gavin hits all ridiculous phrasing as usual and the band is so tight, just awesome musicality. SQ is also great. Bass is huge as well as sound stage. Their older albums are great as well, just a different vibe, so don't overlook those. Their last three (Versions of the truth, Dissolution, Your Wilderness) are really epic though. Just get'em I was
  9. Might be the end of dig for you which is fine or at least at this point. Nothing wrong with that. It would seem you have already answered your question and the preference for a TT is stated. If you have matched the quality of dig sources + signal path to that of your analog, then it might be easiest to sell the dig end and continue to put the $ and effort into just the analog. You may very well just prefer a TT rig and throwing $ at a server or more DAC's isn't going to solve anything.
  10. May want to list your setup, any specific goals and budget? Dedicated space, shared, HP only / spkrs only etc.. A lot of great + varied experience here. There is no best/right or wrong approach with regards to your orig question. A lot of variables (can) come into play. If you are just plug and play and not interested in any futzing around v.s. squeezing every once from network config, power management, direct or endpoint connection types etc.. Not trying to make it difficult or seem overly complex, it's just nice to know as much upfront as possible so as to maxim
  11. Really nice, well done. Never heard anything from Daedalus, but certainly a lot of great comments/reviews/followers. Congrats.
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