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    Article: Audiophile 5: Sonore opticalRendu in 5 Minutes

    Its pretty slim pickings at this point, but that is the dilemma as it see it. Its anyone's bet, besides the products mentioned, if the standard will be a fiber direct and or at a minimum ethernet direct to the DAC. $1200 isn't necessarily cheap and being one who already has an internal fiber home network along with a microU, does one make the plunge with the opticalmicroU and or wait it out a bit more. It looks to be a great product and am heavily considering it, but its another "device" and would be nice to go direct without USB etc.. Although nothing wrong with well implemented USB and I suppose the OS in the Sonore product does provide a lot of options that an otherwise DAC only most likely cannot - point being, I guess one will most likely need a renderer of some kind regardless if a DAC has a built in fiber/ethernet. Sorry for the rambling @vortecjr was the purpose of you collecting emails regarding this new product for you to get an idea of the interest (in numbers) or was there another reason? @The Computer Audiophile I like the vid format - quick and to the point. well done
  2. Foggie

    Sonore opticalRendu

    Yes thank you @Miska - FWIW on the tplink managed switch it is a setting in the port config to enable/disable flow
  3. Foggie

    Sonore systemOptique

    Make sure you have some audiophile refreshments handy 😉
  4. Foggie

    Sonore opticalRendu

    I don't recall the exact issue, but several of us using optical had a few quirks with a speed issue ("too fast") using NAA with microU (I think) which was remedied very nicely with a 10/100/1000 FMC - this Trendnet that @jabbr recommended. I believe @The Computer Audiophile had a similar issue and used a dumb 10/100 switch to address the too fast issue. @vortecjr do you think this may be a possible issue with the opticalrendu? Also for FWIW, this Cisco SFP + cable I also referenced seem to be a good match.
  5. Foggie

    Sonore opticalRendu

    Will do - excited about this new lineup
  6. Foggie

    Sonore opticalRendu

    OK makes sense. The Cisco SFP (GLC-SX-MM ) in my Trendnet would go into the opticalRendu which would work - being the same SFP is in my switch. Using my optical config explained above as a "template" of sorts and I'm sure others are using similar, what changes would you or John recommend or see as a weak point if any?
  7. Foggie

    Class D: Turns Out it Does Suck!

    Mostly my experience as well. Not that its a bad thing mind you and there are some attributes that make them appealing - just like any other component. It's the trade off or compromise one wants to live with (as with any component). If it works in someone's system great, its just a hobby. Class A still rules
  8. Foggie

    Sonore opticalRendu

    Can you clarify what you are you referring to? This product looks very interesting and I am seriously considering moving to this from my microU. My fiber setup is as follows and have had very good results thus far: My server, NAS managed switch etc.. are all in my laundry room and I run a ~30m fiber to listening room. My switch is a Tplink_TL-SG3216 (AC powered) and use Cisco GLC-SX-MM SFP's in the switch and in the FMC which is a Trendnet TFC-1000MGA (which sits next to microU in audio rack). From there I use a ~ 8in cat7 unshielded (on one end) to microU and usb to Lampizator. I only have a LPS powering the microU and a Jameco reliapro powering the FMC. Fiber cable is LC to LC multi-mode 50/125 OM3. There's another thread on optical that I seem to recall specifying a different type/spec of cable, but I don't remember - thoughts on the above config are welcome in preperation for the opticalRendu.
  9. Foggie

    Mains Machinations

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and experience. To me, it really depends on priorities and where one invests $ to get the most return. $5-8k towards acoustics would be immensely more beneficial than an equiv power strip if I had to choose, but that's just me.
  10. Foggie

    Mains Machinations

    I don't have a horse in the race on this topic and take a cautious route for a lot of audiophile items. Most say amps direct to wall is best as a good amp design usually cleans up any of the crude etc.. I'm certainly open to IT's and the like, but the price for many of the conditioners/power strips are crazy. Not to say they don't work and if people like 'em great. I would try a IT like the Topaz (their cost is well with in reason) but I don't have a place to put one due to their noise (my service panel is right by my rig). Short of a big Topaz type, I worry about current limiting or something that takes the life out of an amp. So I just use a nice power outlet that I plug my mono's and subs into and the power outlet goes to the wall. I came across this new item, but I'm not an EE type and have no idea if this would offer any benefit, is a solid product or is the same as all the others. Any thoughts? http://www.decware.com/newsite/ZLC.html Some additional details found here http://www.decware.com/cgi-bin/yabb22/YaBB.pl?num=1536709259/63#63
  11. Foggie

    Audiophile VS Musiphile - Your Thoughts?

    Well I think my response was in the context that I've seen so many posts in this light, its just another spin. Kinda a rabbit hole, but meant no disrespect to the OP. I will say that ever since I was young (teens), I could never deal with a "stock" sound in so far as trying to make whatever and wherever I was listening - to make it better. Nobody I knew EVER did this. Weird, since I had no concept of "proper" sound. Being a musician (drums), I found it hard, actually very difficult to play (enjoying it, emotion etc..) if the kit sounded like ass (growing up). I had to move the kit around (unmic'd) til I could get something passable. Mic'd is different, but the general concept was always there for me, so "audiophile" - whatever that is/means to each, wasn't even remotely in my vocabulary much less something I knew about. I think that's why acoustics is so interesting to me. When I purchased a holy grail of snares years ago (20's black beauty $$) I was so freaking blown away by its sound, nothing and I mean nothing came close, it was a revelation. But I digress.... I guess this "thing" (sound) that drives us each individually can be so vastly different its hard to communicate to others that don't see it in the same light - you get it or you don't so to speak. Being I have only been in this specific hobby for about 5yrs, I guess I can see where my tendencies came from => they're built in, its DNA and I have no real choice in the matter.
  12. Foggie

    Audiophile VS Musiphile - Your Thoughts?

    Attach whatever name, classifications you want and then dissect it to ad nauseam. Which then will then put everyone into their respective silos, with name calling etc.. Its not hard folks ? and at a minimum I would think most are after the same end result. Who the (*%$ cares how you get there. it means something different to each.
  13. Thanks for the info. I really like the idea of one PS that powers multiple items of varying voltage requirements, like the 200W item i referenced (which turns out to be a HD Plex model that small green computer are selling) . Although I seem to recall mixed reviews on the HDplex stuff. I would rather not have 2 or 3 individual power supplies (LPS 1.2 or others) as it is so much damn clutter. My managed switch runs on AC (svr rack in laundry room) which has built in SFP's I like the idea of the Wyred for Sound modular PS, but there isn't a lot of feedback / couple reviews. I may look for a used LPS 1.0 and see if it makes a difference with the mU and go from there.
  14. This is timely, I just noticed this thread and these LPS from small green comp. I'm looking to power my mU and Trendnet TFC-1000MGA (fiber media converter). These two live side by side on same shelf. I'm currently using this Jameco and this Jameco to power them. I got those in a pinch from recommendations here. This 200w small green computer is another option as well as it has four outputs that are adjustable. Anyone have some input on these small green computer items above or other solid performing LPS to go with for each of these or is the mU more important? Looking for a 7v or 9v for mU and 5v for media converter.
  15. Foggie

    Pre-amp or dac?

    Yes that would another potential issue. Although that kinda opens up a can of worms as some pre's actually have bass mgmt (CP-800 for example) v.s. an "aux" or pre output that's tied to the volume control etc.. I'm sure there are some DAC's that have additional outputs that may work in this respect, can't think of any as I prefer a pre for my setup/preference. A DAC straight to the amps simplifies things for sure, but as to better or worse sound - that's completely subjective and there is no rule per se. Gotta figure that one out on your own.