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  1. I recall this thread on US Audiomart - that indiv did a ton of DIY + experiments with this? I believe he has since passed away if I'm not mistaken. I haven't visited that thread in long time though.
  2. I have a similar config and run a ~60ft optical cable directly from managed switch in util room to listening room direct to OR. There is no go to answer unfortunately. All the products you mentioned are of very high quality with great support. I think most would agree the components that make up your rig are usually very system dependent. What I have found based on direct experience + usage is the difference between fiber and Ethernet are quite noticeable (IMHO, in my rig) and comes down to system and personal preference IMO. Vocals + piano + acoustic guitar are usually easy to hear those differences and to categorize those in a general or descriptive sense, I sort of think of the Ethernet signature as softer vs the clarity / speed of optical. The ER had a positive impact when using Ethernet only but that delta when running fiber only not as much IME (due to fiber inherent isolation). That's not to say the ER in an all fiber connection scheme wouldn't provide its intended benefits, but that's really for the indiv to determine. The one config I would still like to test, which I couldn't at the time, is an OM (connected with short eth cable at switch) directly to OR. When I had an OM it didn't work in my system due to how the OM handled flow control.
  3. Maybe a bit of a random question, I understand (to a point) why fans aren't desired in some of these builds. However, the amount of (cooling) work involved in going completely fanless is apparent and I assume at an increased cost as well as case/packaging requirements. Isn't there a solution available (or yet to be designed) to incorporate fan(s), especially ones of the silent type or some hybrid approach? Is it just induced noise, additional power requirements etc..that's undesirable?
  4. I think acoustics are somewhat a polarizing topic (to some anyway). The room dimensions, physics of and ultimately acoustics are pretty much the foundation of everything. Its really impossible to argue that fact IMHO. If one is striving for the best possible sound and experience this has to be addressed. That being said, good sound can certainly be achieved without a lot of treatments, odd room configurations, non optimal dimensions etc..but as they say you don't know what you don't know. If you are achieving great sound and enjoying the experience, that's all that matters in the end. But the reality is that same rig in a proper room would be a completely different experience. Additionally, too much of a good thing is just that. e.g. a "500 ft sound-stage in all directions" is artificial, incorrect and not what I would strive for IMHO. But again that is all personal preference I suppose
  5. I don't quite understand the question. What's a dedicated internet line for streaming mean? You have an ISP connection to your house or you don't, no? The alternative is to use ones cell phone as a hotspot I suppose if that is all that is possible. In most cases you have little to no choice - its whatever you location / neighborhood supports.
  6. The aspect I enjoy of your recent posts, have been your attitude/neutrality. You're just sharing your experience (in great detail) and having fun. I'm with you on the music being very personal and not only is it meaningful, to a large extent, its a pretty important part in my life as well (for many reasons beyond the scope here). Given the current state of affairs I think its vital more than ever to keep ones spirits and mind in a good place, music certainly plays an important role IMHO. In a broader sense (not directed at Ray), the role of money spent on this or that is really no one's business and I mean that in the most respectful way. Certainly there are some that do things in excess that are ridiculous to most logical people (celebrities?), but the barometer is so different for everyone and in the context of a discussion, I just don't see it being productive related to whats OK to spend money on and what's not. Its all relative. Where does the acceptable line start and stop? I'm not sure, I just don't think this is the place to speak to that. Car forums, watches, bikes, wine etc..one could literally pick almost any hobby and there will exist both extremes. Peace
  7. I was going to comment in Ray's extreme comment area but this seemed a better place....The Dave as a preamp and amp? A very different take and implementation no doubt. Comparing that to a tube pre with mono's or an integrated etc.. would prove different results and more than likely significant (either way) IMHO. Which leads me to say, Ray's journey/write up is but a snap shot specific to him and his environment IMHO. Its an interesting read for sure and its very cool to see how much he is enjoying this! THAT is what its all about. I would be too with a new toy for sure! I don't want to veer too OT, but I think people have to realize or at least put into context and to use Ray as an example, he is doing his own thing and making his own conclusions for what works for him, which is GREAT and is something everyone NEEDS to do. Following the opinion of an individual for a good read, and for use as a data point is fine, but I think some get way too caught up in taking someone else's findings as an absolute? It may or may not at all correlate with ones own system/experience, many times it doesn't => "Jim says its so, so it must be". It's fun to see how others eval, setup and relay their findings, but again, its their findings. Enjoy your own journey, learn from others what's applicable to you and don't worry where or what the "bar" is at, its not a competition. Peace
  8. That's an interesting thread / info, thanks. However, those guys are in the stratosphere $ and not apples to apples with many of us. Even in that thread there are differences of opinion, as one would expect, on certain logic. But as @guiltyboxswapper pointed out his setup was pretty straightforward, but I digress. I don't stream and only use local library, which in of itself brings a slew of other variables (streaming). Definitely some things to think about though. I could see trying out a dedicated USB card with LPS (like you pointed out) and putting the server in the listening room, direct to DAC. I'll have to do some research. I was at this very same point when deciding on a OR, because I had tried some "general" direct to DAC tests and the endpoint setup was my preferred config, especially since I have no copper/eth, no converters and only running optical. Fun stuff for sure.
  9. Yeah for sure. Sounds like a great setup you have
  10. Yeah I don't quite understand that. An extremely well optimized (clocking, USB reg) optical endpoint using LPS, is bettered by a noisy computer albeit with a good USB output (jcat). I certainly don't discount that in any way and every setup is going to be different - in most cases drastically different. That's why like cables, there isn't any general rule that says method 1 is better then method 2. My experience has been the opposite, although the USB output from server isn't "audiophile". However, t is running 2019 SVR, W2135, custom MB, ECC mem, rtx graphics etc..(significant cost). I suppose for a small layout one could try a dedicated USB card. I would love to get my hands on one of these builds (not crazy $$) and experiment for myself.
  11. Aren't these comparisons of the extreme and similar a bit skewed? 99.9% of the people will never have / afford such a device. Which then begs the question, where does the hypothetical "custom server" price point (direct connect to DAC) start to where some believe it surpasses a well implemented endpoint? Which even stating that is pretty wide to interpretation / many variables. The endpoint vs non endpoint (or direct connect) discussion are like cable discussions in many ways. I am genuinely curious though and have toyed with the idea, just haven't found a conceivable way to test the "theory". I have tried with the resources available to me (multiple high end wkst in so far as performance), but the endpoint has won out. Can't really justify spending $5k (whatever that number is) just to see so to speak.
  12. All good points, I was merely trying to encompass / generalize the theme(s) and it certainly does go both ways. There are a lot of good, intelligent and solid individuals on most every forum. However, I think every forum has an underlying theme, generally speaking (welcoming, middle ground, extreme etc..however one wants to classify). One just has to decide in which to partake in. There is no competition, that makes no sense. Maybe to some, but not to me anyway. Again, its an audio hobby and life is way too short. I personally just want to learn about areas in which I don't know and enjoy the best music quality I can muster out of my rig. Peace.👍
  13. Can't speak for them, but presumably, why would one want to engage in the "Seraph" culture there. If one enjoys the pile on mentality and running with the crowd go for it. As was pointed out, the moderator there supports and pushes that emotional "un-intelligence".
  14. Why would you want to add a media converter if you are running directly from the SFP on the switch? Unless I'm missing something, wouldn't that add more (unneeded) complexity and possibly compromising the sound? If one was to consider adding a media converter in this specific scenario, it would have to be an OM or nothing IMHO
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