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  1. Are people having to pay import duties (US) on their Holo's? If so, what amount should one expect?
  2. Sure, it's easy, don't use headphones, eww 😉
  3. Not even remotely close IMHO. Some ramblings that come to mind - If we're talking about generalities sure everyone knows what a guitar sounds like, kick drum etc.. but if we're going to talk about evaluating sound, its going to be different for a newbie or inexperienced listener vs a mastering engineer, a seasoned listener, a classically trained musician etc.. I said this in another thread - "everyone at some point has different acuity "levels" (think beginner listener vs mastering engineer) throughout their audio journey. Those levels give us experience".
  4. Most important question - which one to chose, silver or black color?
  5. Ahem, 30?😱 Do you have them in the bathrooms and closets too 😀
  6. Rick Beato interview with Pat. Even if you're not a fan of Pat set aside some time and watch it, some great topics and insights covered.
  7. Well stated, and this is far from trite! This IS what it all comes down to and IS what one should strive for in the end. Being this is so purely an individual "thing", everyone at some point has different acuity "levels" (think beginner listener vs mastering engineer) throughout their audio journey. Those levels give us experience which then formulates our preferences which ultimately changes how each we get to that end result
  8. I hadn't read the info you cited from Nenon, interesting. Especially running HQP on one processor and the NAA on the other processor all on same wkst? Although the Taiko examples and references are all fine and well, 99% of the people aren't using or planning on spending $30k on a server - so context is important, especially as far $ is concerned. I suppose one can use some of the same principles that have been gained with the likes of the Taiko implementation. Additionally, I don't know the percentage of headphone v.s. 2 channel users, but I would say they are polar
  9. Good discussion and information in this thread. Not to go too OT, but I'm curious about this comment's context. I thought the primary purpose of HPQ has been pcm > dsd realtime upsampling (or pcm > hi rate pcm) and thus use of NAA? Does your comment refer to not using HQP (or other upsampling software) as well as not using NAA and going DAC direct from server? This appears to be the two most popular "methods" => either DAC direct (from server) or a multiple computer setup (use of NAA or enpoints) to DAC. In both scenarios good power and proper implementation is certai
  10. Lampi has/had a DSD only dac. Pre the current model designs, DSD on the chipless Lampi's sorta put them on the map so to speak and was one of the few that focused in that vein (DSD). I don't think that's their focus as much anymore.
  11. @Bertel Not sure if this is useful, but from this article "For example, if a 10Gb SFP+ module is plugged into the 10Gb switch port, it will only run at 10Gb. In this case, if you link it to the gigabit switch port, it will not work. But when plugging a 1Gb SFP module in the 10G SFP+ port, the 10Gb switch will run at 1Gb. If so, you can link it to the Gigabit switch." "Edited in 2021: 1/10G dual-rate SFP+ transceivers are designed for use in 1-Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet links over single-mode fiber (SMF) or multi-mode fiber (MMF). It is viable to connect 1/10G dual-
  12. My go to's are Bandcamp, Qobuz, NativeDSD, ProStudio Masters HOWEVER, the most important criteria for me is version/mastering/cat no. Why in sam hell can't meta freaking data be complete. It's not even close and such sore spot with me. Apparently I'm the only one/minority on this and have many times emailed the sites looking for info/clarification. Maybe things have changed / gotten better in this regard from some sites, but I want to know exactly what I'm purchasing!! Is it a 1980 original or a 2020 remastered compressed piece of crap. If they don't provide the se
  13. I posted this behavior (counter not moving w/ HQP), never received response. It would appear to be a HQP version as far as I can tell. Could be something else, dunno
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