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  1. Really nice, well done. Never heard anything from Daedalus, but certainly a lot of great comments/reviews/followers. Congrats.
  2. FWIW, my pass mono's run about 45C / ~100lbs ea and the claimed 100W class A is very modest at 4ohm. I seem to recall its somewhere between 100-200W class A. Absolutely love 'em
  3. Wait, didn't you start the thread? 🤔😉
  4. My .02 - I leave my OpticalRendu on 24/7 as I did with the orig microR. Same with the ROON core server and the HQP server. I too have a tube DAC (Lampi) and shut that off when not in use. The Lampi's dont use power on the USB (I also use the sbooster VBUS which shuts off any power to USB) and never had issues with DAC/rendu being recognized in my ROON config. If I plan on a listening session I turn on Pre, then DAC then amps awhile before. It just works. When storms come and I power everything off/unplug, there is a start up sequence when powering everything back on which is to power on the OpticalRendu after the DAC has been powered up.
  5. Great writeup and an excellent system to be proud of Nikhil! These community volumes are really a great idea, much more unique and personal than typical "what do you do", "show your system" threads - which are great as well. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Foggie

    HQ Player

    Thanks! but my initial response indicated my setup + experiment goal which includes an NAA (OR) and am familiar with most of this stuff - I was just trying to get an idea on if what I wanted to do will work with roon. I just couldn't find it in other threads and was more of a preemptive "how to" 👍
  7. Foggie

    HQ Player

    That's encouraging - will the HQP wkst (2nd computer direct to DAC) basically act as the NAA in this scenario?
  8. Foggie

    HQ Player

    Sorry in advance and I feel like I should now the answer to this, but for testing purposes - in a 2 computer setup (roon core/server on one wkst and HQP on second wkst) can I hook up the second wkst directly to DAC via USB and still use ROON and push to the HQP wkst (asio/waspi out)? I want to remove my NAA endpoint (OR) as test but don't want to lose my ROON functions?
  9. I don't see the big whoop here, these phones don't even use electricity, they run on batteries, duh 😉
  10. Not sure, but it if it isn't showing up in ROON, then you need to access the mR through the web interface (192.168.1.x) whatever the IP is of the mR is or go to http://www.sonicorbiter.com/ to find out your units address if you don't know it. Then go into the audio app switcher section and select the ROONready that should get your mR set to be an endpoint and should show up in ROON
  11. Wow, just listened to some of the samples from office and if these web samples are any indication of the SQ, I'll be picking this up. Thanks!
  12. I believe Lampi DAC's don't sample internally (chipless / just filter / 2 discrete circuits for PCM + DSD) although their new platform (engine 53) uses a chip if I recall and may sample internally? Would be interested to know if anyone can shed light on this?
  13. Another topic altogether really, but +1milllion IMHO and two is really a minimum. Without question, you can wreck any system by throwing a sub(s) haphazardly. It's certainly not a requirement, but certainly shouldn't be dismissed because their "subs". Like anything in a great system, it takes some (a lot) work to dial everything in. Until one has heard well implemented subs in a system (which aren't meant to dominate), can you then determine its not for me / not needed so to speak. Again IMHO. Back on topic and to the OP, some great info has been provided here and I would stress again that you use the gear you have now, get it dialed in in the best acoustical space / location you can in your environment - and experiment to the hilt to understand the interaction of the room and listening position. Is this a requirement? No not at all, but it comes down to how much do you want to invest (not gear) in learning + and understanding. This isn't something that takes a few hrs, weeks etc..BTW. I've spent a better part of a yr+ dialing things in to understand my new space and its limitations, what it does good at etc.. making drawings, measuring, taping locations on floor, notes - a database if you will. The acoustic treatments were the fine tuning and makes an immense (even massive) difference, but that's not for everyone / or applicable to a shared living space, wife etc.. Ya do the best with what you have! Replacing gear (at this point based on the original post) to try and improve certain things that are lacking isn't the answer IMHO. It can change things, but you must have some sort of baseline and understand that baseline the best you can IMHO.
  14. Can elaborate on this, as it's confusing to me on wording => its better than ROON and even better than ROON with HQP? I've tried direct to DAC vs endpoint etc.. and is hard to beat the optical setup and keeping all the "crap" in a network room IMHO, but will be interesting on your findings. Have fun!
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