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  1. Long shot, but you may have to set the TP-Links to auto or force (the same on ea) setting. It looks like the switch handles 100+1G speeds but seem to recall something with speeds or flow control have to be set correctly in other situations. I ended up getting a Trendnet's MFC to mitigate a speed discrepancy between devices.
  2. Looks great Chris, exciting for sure. Will be interesting to get your impressions once things settle down. You have first reflections addressed with Vicoustic products and should go a long way at providing great results! The interesting thing about room/acoustics is that until one addresses the inherit room issues (EVERY room has issues) things may sound great / maybe not so great without addressing acoustics ...but once one tackles some of the key room modes for example, it could very well bring a system to the next level. I would think at some point if you experiment with the front wall - wood multifsors and super bass extremes (sticking with the vicoustic products) it could bring about another tic in performance. Hard to say without room measurements but I see the front wall and ceiling as another fun experiment when time permits.
  3. Thanks again for all of the comments/assistance thus far
  4. So in my setup, does it make sense to focus a streamer box while keeping my wkst to serve as the ROON core/server and HQP? If that's the case, then that makes it somewhat more "easy" to conceptualize: SGC Bricasti M5 Optical Rendu Lumin U1 NUC DIY something However I need to keep the streamer HQP compatible. If my "server" is still a weak point then I need to address that with a replacement. I'll continue to look through the big thread mentioned.
  5. Yeah that seems to be the theme/recommendation thus far with my svr/mU. The Innuos does seem like a winner but as I mentioned I would not use a lot of their functions. I need to research their products a bit more. Also, is there any general consensus of ones library stored in the server v.s. a NAS?
  6. Yeah for sure, but I'm still in the mindset that a two box system should be ideal. Maybe I can keep my roon core/server on my existing wkst and get another box (nuc or whatever), maybe a sotm USB card and use that as an NAA in the rack. Again just trying to figure out where to start experimenting I guess. Systems like the Innuos have a lot of positive comments and followers, but there is a lot in their package that I don't need or will use. So it seems like of a waste of $ in my view - unless of course I'm mistaken, but I'm ROON and HQP invested.
  7. It just boggles the mind, an order of magnitude, how the room could possibly be irrelevant. its not even conceivable for that thought to remotely enter my brain. IMHO of course. But everyone's experience is what it is...
  8. @Nenon + @AnotherSpin as to the springs they aren't some crazy $ item, they just have the pre-load weight that I needed and gave up looking at mcmaster and the like as these were readily available. Between the springs and the roller bearing (I had locally sources based on Barry's design) platform, its a pretty awesome isolation system. I have only breifly browsed the big thread but its so hard to find the time to read or pick out the relevant info, but am aware of that thread. My server/wkst is not a audiophile anything, its just a high powered wkst (HPZ) to do the heavy lifting, thus placed in the laundry room. But I thought about putting in a spare ssd and installing some Linux variants (ROCK, audiolinux or any of the others), then put next to rack and connect USB to DAC just to try. I'm assuming the wkst is a noisy beast, dunno though. If that revealed some significant positive results, then maybe I would look into some of the turn key solutions. Even DIY is an option to save some $ (which I'm all for) as I'm fully capable building one. I just don't know what build to follow as there are a million threads on what DIY is "best".
  9. Yeah for sure - the Optical R is on my radar and would be easy plug and play. However, after trying to keep up with some of the other related threads I didn't want to rush into purchasing one and wanted to explore / discuss some of the other alternatives - not sure what entails though as there are endless solutions. It seems power is such a crucial part of the puzzle (or at least in theory) and again prob very system dependent.
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Kinda what I wanted to hear I bold'd your comment above on what has sort of peaked my interest in direct to DAC vs my current two box setup. Obviously very system dependent and subjective. However, its one of those things that I'm really curious about and have thought about putting in a spare SSD (unplugging current SSD) into my server/wkst and loading audio linux or equiv just to try? maybe even trying a PCI USB card (jcat/sotm). I'm not worried about reducing "boxes" per se as my network rack and server are in laundry room. My audio rack in listening room is a "4 shelf" and on the side wall - I run 20ft XLR's to the mono's which are on floor between sprks. I'm only concerned about improving SQ, as it should be (if possible within reason $). That improvement though, is obviously the million dollar question and I'm not interested in spending crazy amounts for "1%" or whatever.
  11. It's impossible to keep up with a fraction of the threads here (for me anyway) and I'm at a point where its difficult to know where to begin. I'm looking to update or optimize what I already have for my server + renderer + network Budget is debatable until I know what direction or tasks I'm up against. There is something be said about just listening, enjoying and stop messing around with ones current setup. I have IMHO a ridiculously good sounding rig at this point which in the last 1-2yrs are new spkrs, monos + pre and am not changing any of these big items anytime soon. The DAC is still wonderful, musical and just a joy to listen to. But, chasing down the constant tech of DAC's is impossible unless one has endless $$. So although the DAC is getting up there in age (3-4yrs) and upgrades (super clocks+DSD engine) or exchanging for a current model is an option, just not sure yet if that would be the best use of $ So to focus or consider a back-end update (proper term?), Is there some consensus on what level or tier certain items or technology full under? my sig has the list of components, but currently using a high end (getting old though) wkst running Win10 with HQP and ROON server (laundry room), Ethernet to switch. Switch is a managed 16 port switch with 2 fiber ports, AC powered (separate router/FW and modem) All music on Qnap NAS (4TB / 4100 albums) Fiber from switch in laundry room (fiber cable is around 70ft in length) to listening room to a trendnet MFC (powerd by a Jameco). Trendnet to mU (providing NAA) powered by SGC LPS and then to DAC (USB) I mainly upsample my PCM to DSD128 (currently its limit) and play native DSD as is (1068 DSD albums) I'm stuck on and want the most improvement for my $: Updating the renderer with another sonore product Going with a different type/brand of renderer (sotm) Scrap 1+2 and use a dedicated server in rack and going directly to DAC DIY NUC (linux) SGC innous antipods Move music to internal HD in any of the above? My lifetime ROON is staying and would like to continue with HQP (embedded is fine too) + NAA Not sure if I articulated any of this in a coherent manner (sleep deprived), but looking for some thoughts or perspective on where to start or what to consider. Just trying to get pointed in the right direction or process.
  12. I can see Japan pulling this off. Here, umm not so much - just another fad, fake, hollywood, kooky, popular, look at me - well at least for the most part😉
  13. Thanks for pointing out these options, I never thought about just an opticalModule right at the switch (or even in general) since I already have an FMC Wasn’t aware or thinking that an opticalModule would be an improvement over a standard FMC. Certainly it “all” matters, but just how much an improvement in my config there would be just adding that alone, dunno - I’ll have to decide.
  14. So in a scenario with a managed switch that has fiber built in - how does one evaluate/determine the performance or quality of its fiber link? With all the talk of clocks, power supplies, servers directly connected to DAC (Innuos) etc.. Confusing. SOTM has a whole line of separate devices with dedicated USB, pwr, endpoint. Specifically my switch (TP-Link TL-SG2216 ) is AC powered connected to a UPS along with my router/FW, modem, NAS, all of which are in in a network rack located in laundry room with a 25m optical cable to listening room which is connected to a FMC (Trendnet TFC-1000MGA) to a mU. Wkst running ROON server and HQP are also in laundry room connected to switch via BJC cat6e. SFP modules are cisco glc-sx-mm I'm thinking hard about next move, so many differentiating opinions about svr direct connect (to DAC) or separate modules (similar to my setup). What to do?
  15. Kinda lost track/missed the shipping announcement. If I purchase one this eve can I receive it by the holiday wknd! 😀😉
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