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  1. Wow, saw Dave and Plini last weekend in St Paul and was an awesome show!
  2. Also, I had all the installation done by a car audio place (they are located in Hopkins and do high end/custom installs - its not a BB type of operation). Mine was about as basic as you get compared to the mega systems they install. I only crafted the mounting and platform design myself.
  3. FWIW, I didn't want to mess with my stock head unit either etc.. but gotta have decent sound in car so (mazda3 GT hatch): 1. JBL MS8 - pretty simple to tap into existing head unit output and run cable harness to hatch area. I made a platform to sit on top of the spare tire and bolted everything to it. Totally concealed underneath carpet. 2. JL audio 5channel amp = > Focal tweeters, mids and JL audio sub (in a OEM custom enclosure, cant think of the manufacture at the moment, for specific cars that bolts right into corner where jack and accessories would be. 3. Run the calibration process from each seat (using the included binaural headphones). Dial in all the xovers/EQ to your hearts content. Pretty slick. I'm sure there are newer/update solutions but this works awesome
  4. yes, wasn't worded very well and was referring to the quality of its own power. May bad and should have been more thorough
  5. Yes but in this case I recall (could be wrong) him going into a fair amount of detail about how good the Dave pwr supply was and stating no benefit from an external LPS etc... this just seemed more than usual. Again I could have misinterpreted it, and certainly people are free to experiment.
  6. Not sure if this directly applies, but recall somewhere recently that the Chord (designer/eng) recommends the SMPS shipped with Dave is all that is needed
  7. I was going to point that out as well - the Zenith v.s. a mU or even a Ultra mU doesn't seem like an apples to apples, at least if price is indicative of performance. I suppose the Rendu SE would be a more apt comparison. In theory, if Innuos had a product in which they were able to condense all the "goodness" from their Zenith that in just functionality terms were for individuals vested in ROON + HQP that would be interesting (thus my ref to the SGC with embedded HQP). IOW, I have no use for the ripping, music player, music library etc.. so its not likely a product for me, although would certainly like to try one.
  8. For me, that just seems odd there would be as much difference that you cite, but certainly don't disagree with your experience - how could I. It would be a fun experience to try something like this and have such a marked improvement, but it isn't easy to cycle components in and out to test.
  9. Correct. I am interested in now looking at my server BIOS, but unlikely a lot can be done as its custom MB. Even the Win10 audiophile optimizer program that many use and like, would appear (to me) to be a major pain to use and maintain due to the constant change / updates to WIn. I have no issues with Win platform and am technically proficient with it, but I do like the idea of a purpose built low level type OS running the server v.s. WIn+Mac. I'm not saying one platform/method is better than the other, as there are too many variables in everyone's rig, but when adding up the multitude of noise makers in the chain from start to finish of any given system (I mean everything) it's easy to conceive the significance of what's being talked about here. Comes down to actually trying yourself, which is not easy.
  10. I have been of the mindset that keeping the server/heavy processing be kept in another room and sending the output (via fiber) to a streamer (which is what I use). It is interesting that many of the users, actually everyone of them (in the Innuos case) has reported better to significant improvement with server direct to DAC v.s. server + streamer + DAC config. That just seems counter intuitive, but has peeked my interest nonetheless and obviously its all subjective + system dependent. One "knock" I have with the Innuos is that it has a lot of functions I don't need/want and thus are paying for. This sonictransporter which has embedd HQP and sonicorbiter OS sounds like a great alternative
  11. Not sure if this is off topic, I'm trying to download all my photos from icloud to my Win10 wkst. Nothing huge, 700'ish total number of files, mainly photos. I have my iphone photo set to icloud photos so the photos are not stored on iphone. Due to the ridiculous and basically uselessness of the icloud from a browser, you can't: 1. Download all files (select all, and select download) 2. Cannot multiple select many files at once or "all" files, you must Ctrl select each file one at a time (lol) 3. if you do Ctrl select a number of files and then select download, you are presented with a save/ok dialog for every file, really? So I then installed the icloud for windows app which the documentation says you can download all files, perfect! In the options, I set the location to an ext USB drive and proceeded to run the download. Upon inspection, it created a number of folders based on the year and downloaded year 2019 pretty quick (90 photos). Then for 2018 (says 182 photos, 24 vids in the download mgr) it did about half fairly quickly, but looking at the contents of this folder there are now 132 items but been 6 DAYS? Nothing for years 2014-2017 as I assume it has to finish one folder at a time. Is this really how it is suppose to work / perform? Is there a better way? All I want to do is clean up the library and delete some files I no longer need, but you cannot multiple select ANY freaking file from the browser. I suppose the other option is to just start sorting through all photos on my phone and delete multiples that way, dunno
  12. Wow, never heard of this. I suppose we can expect a similar future with MQA. How and why individuals continue to look at all of this and not give a rats ass, is beyond me. "It sounds great, bring it on" 🙄. Its not about the sound, its about the business model and the potential implications of a dominate or single format without any choice. Seriously WTF.
  13. Its pretty slim pickings at this point, but that is the dilemma as it see it. Its anyone's bet, besides the products mentioned, if the standard will be a fiber direct and or at a minimum ethernet direct to the DAC. $1200 isn't necessarily cheap and being one who already has an internal fiber home network along with a microU, does one make the plunge with the opticalmicroU and or wait it out a bit more. It looks to be a great product and am heavily considering it, but its another "device" and would be nice to go direct without USB etc.. Although nothing wrong with well implemented USB and I suppose the OS in the Sonore product does provide a lot of options that an otherwise DAC only most likely cannot - point being, I guess one will most likely need a renderer of some kind regardless if a DAC has a built in fiber/ethernet. Sorry for the rambling @vortecjr was the purpose of you collecting emails regarding this new product for you to get an idea of the interest (in numbers) or was there another reason? @The Computer Audiophile I like the vid format - quick and to the point. well done
  14. Yes thank you @Miska - FWIW on the tplink managed switch it is a setting in the port config to enable/disable flow
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