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  1. Ahh. Can you work some magic and get me a good deal on upgrading mine 😁
  2. Would be interested in your thoughts if you try euphony. I think a good solution in your setup is to try euphony/stylusEP so you can still use roon and your endpoints. Endpoints vs direct to DAC (no endpoints) are highly contestable debates around here. Which one works best, only you can decide. The euphony model/setup is a bit confusing (IMHO) since you can use it standalone (stylus) or with roon+HQP (stylusEP), at least I think that's how it works if i recall correctly. Like you, it would be very difficult to give up roon for file mgmt, playback, integration etc.. especially
  3. Why does their site (for baltic) say "No volume control even as an option"
  4. I think many good points here and will be situation specific. I would sort of summarize my understanding with this. If you are attaching the server, whether it be an audio PC, roon core (rock same/similar thing) direct to DAC, much work is needed to make sure all bases are covered with regard to noise +power with whatever interface you are attaching to DAC et al. The well built DIY fanless servers or the Innuos types going direct to DAC use internal storage in many cases I have seen. If you are using server in a 2 pc setup or a server to endpoint, I think using a NAS or direct
  5. Remember the vid is just one example and how it would translate to your room and dimensions isn't cut n dry. It would a lot of broadband to kill a room and I think many times people think adding a few "panels" will deaden the room - not so. Not at all. You can still have a "live" sounding space, but until one hears a proper room, I think its easy to be "used to what one knows". It takes a massive amount just in trapping to even start getting a hold of the sub freq and rarely is that done in most domestic rooms. The 6"-8" traps (straddled or better yet floor to ceiling ) can do
  6. I think he meant the NAS is connected to switch as well and the nuc/roon settings are set to pull from NAS (library settings)
  7. Can you elaborate on the "sounding better" comment? Roon server with local storage vs NAS - is this just your experience or some universally agreed upon method? Also curious - if one is using a nuc or whatever core server is direct to DAC or separated? Multiple options here: - NAS (music) > core server > endpoint > DAC - NAS (music) > core server > DAC - core server w/ internal storage for library > endpoint > DAC - core server w/ internal storage for library > DAC
  8. I saw that error early last wknd sometime and was due, I think, to the mass upgrade phase when everyone was pulling on their servers - something like that. I just checked and all seems to be pretty snappy on my end. Although last eve I was experiencing slow artist loading. Music playback seem unaffected, but loading of info was slow. Not sure what causes that.
  9. Running core and library (located on secondary HD) on Ubuntu server (selected other in poll). Located next to network rack along with 2nd high end PC running HQP on server 2019. Fiber direct from switch to listening room. I like big screens and don't care much for tablets, especially phones for controlling/playing. So I prefer laptop to move around so to speak.
  10. Lol, actually I didn't even think of them (trying to forget, ooy)! Was referencing Prince 👍
  11. You have brought up and voiced many issues that have impacted your workflow and use case specific to you (many others have been similarly impacted too). I have as well. The end result has downgraded your experience (significantly in areas) to enjoying music and interfacing with roon. None of those are good as we are all after similar / same audio goals for the most part. Nothing wrong with being passionate, I am very much as well, and music is massively important to me. It has molded and shaped me, to a large extent, of who I am. Dunno where I'd be without it. Many
  12. Understood, I get it. I don't see this application different from any other in the sense of ongoing development, change etc.. I recall a lot of criticism on the dated 1.7 interface, needs improvement on aesthetics....... So in the process of a new version, with new functionality, they changed the layout + aesthetics. Hard to tell if these changes are a hit, fail or somewhere in between, but certainly brings out ahem....discussions! I guess I'm not as emotionally attached to this application, but can understand how changes to certain workflows, especially if broken, could be ups
  13. Yep agreed. Major revs are very difficult, but it usually goes in phases. As time goes on things get tweaked, revamped etc.. I'm glad my upgrade went smoothly and I'm able to listen and enjoy music.
  14. Not sure I quite follow this, are the roon devs suppose to ask if you like the font over here or over there, is it the right size, what color etc..? How is re-coding, re-developing an application that's pretty complex, a take it or leave it scenario? Genuine question. I'm reading all the comments here and at roons site and thinking, there is no way the devs could possibly implement the million different opinions, comments, use cases and the like. They have to fit in "x" amount of time to develop, test and release it. That pretty much applies to any app I would guess.
  15. I think a lot / some of it is getting use to doing things a new way. I don't discount bugs, loss of functionality and or a specific function changing etc.. But on the flip side there are also a lot of new things that are also pretty cool as well. I don't jump to immediately hating this or any version after 10, 20min of use. I use it for awhile (days/a week), take it all in, figure out what's new, what's cool, what sucks, what isn't working and then sort of take an overall snapshot. Sure one can find out a lot in a short amount of time, but after living with it for a bit, your
  16. Purple is quite nice IMHO, especially with the dark theme. It must be a MN thing 😉
  17. Not sure if this is what you are referring to but, per Chris above "UPDATE: Just got confirmation that version 1.8 won't initially support Apple Silicon natively. Rosetta 2 is required."
  18. Looking forward to this very "visible" release. I think more than any previous Roon release, this one will be, ahem...Argued, debated, celebrated, hated, loved, contested, praised, questioned, challenged, acclaimed, admired, applauded, hailed, excited....that should cover it.😉
  19. Its a custom audio player/library application being developed by Taiko and thus far is proprietary to their platform only.
  20. That's awesome. Well thought out to say the least. 11 rail PS, wow, didn't know he made that kind of PS. Your H5 server build in the diagram is exactly what I am contemplating, I may hit you up with some questions!
  21. Nice. Well that is a can 'o worms really😀 Basically, I went from a "flat" scheme (everything on the same network) where all traffic/broadcast is flooding the switch. To then creating a vlan scheme to work with my enviro. I think I created 5 vlans all with their own DHCP range/server (routing). 1. wlan secure (AP1) 2. wlan secure (AP2) 3. wlan guest (AP2) 4. wlan insecure IoT (AP2) 5. LAN secure (home wkst/laptops etc..) 6. LAN insecure IoT These vlans are between different switches as well (upstairs, downstairs etc.) in which you need t
  22. As a point of interest - one thing I forgot to mention above is I recently revamped my entire network - new everything (L2+L3 switching+routing, AP's) all of which was solely for segmenting network into VLANs, isolating IoT, AP's, performance, FW etc... It was pretty intense exercise. After I completed that task and getting back to listening to my main rig, I noticed a change almost immediately and it never dawned on me all the changes I made to the network. I was sitting there thinking, hmm something is different, the sound has changed. Then the light-bulb went on and just rea
  23. Wonderful response, thank you for taking the time and effort writing this. Short reply's have a place, but a well thought out response goes a long way to clear up any confusion and is always welcome in my book. Balance is key - there are what seems like unlimited settings to play with on every device in the chain and I understand this discussion isn't really geared toward the standard user "plug n play / good enough". At some point one has must find that balance and has to live within the "limitations" of their gear even after optimizing/tweaking and enjoy the system.
  24. Understanding the logic you stated, but are you indicating that the mere presence of roon is creating noise / crap on the network and ultimately degrading sound even if your using a well isolated endpoint / HQP?
  25. Looks interesting for sure. Assuming the Pi used in this is same as what many use as standalone endpoints and the like, is there anything special about its implementation or is just stock plug-n-play? Nothing against Pi's at all, I have them as well and realize other audio products use Pi's for a cost effective streaming option. However, looking at it from other audio products (Bricasti for example) who implement their own Ethernet board (expensive), what would the downsides be from using Pi's in this fashion? I realize cost is a factor and would increase the cost of any produc
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