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Newbie Upgrading to PS Audio Sprout

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I'm a newbie upgrading my system from streaming over wifi via a Synology NAS with DS Audio and/or iTunes (on second floor) through an AppleTV connected to a SmartTV with a soundbar to entering the world of HD files and DAC with the new Sprout from PS Audio with Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers.


I'm thinking of using an old mac mini to stream from the NAS to connect to the Sprout via USB. What are my best options for playback? Any other setup I should consider? My NAS is upstairs because that's where the router is in the home office and I want it connected via ethernet as it doesn't have wifi built in.


Thanks in advance.

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Congrats on your new system, really nice. I am sure u will enjoy it. If you want Ethernet connection downstairs you can use an Ethernet power line adapter that u connect to your power socket. Not sure I understand, so your computer can't see your NAS. Why u want to move it. Do u want to connect ur computer directly to the hard drive?

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