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List of OSX playback software that enables EQ filters

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iTunes. Anything with a AU plug-in capability, and if you use AU Lab.app (a free Developer Tools download), you can use it with anything.


A node by the way is a point of cancellation, so jacking it up there isn't going to help. If, however, it is an anti-node, you can calm it down.

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Edit, it needs to be something with native built in functionality, no work arounds/hacks with other software running in the background alongside the playback software. VST/AU is OK I guess but sth with native seems to be cleaner and presumably less detrimental to the signal.


Also, needs to have adjustability of the standard filter properties of freq, attenuation and Q.

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We are just going in circles here. The "built-in" functionality is providing a GUI to the built-in functionality of the operating system. AU-plug-ins are plug-in files with programmed pre-sets that you can use in any program that chooses to permit the user to do this.


Amongst those that do so are those you listed, Vox, Fidellia, and almost every other OSX player. It is no more or less built into Amarra than in any of these others. They all use the same framework, which is designed specifically with that intent:


cf: https://developer.apple.com/technologies/mac/audio-and-video.html

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I don't have Amarra, but I think all the players implement this the same way, i.e., they expose functionality built into the OS X operating system. Here is, for example, how Audirvana looks, doing what you want:





Can the EQ be adjusted using the AU during playback? I got a message about not being able to do this during playback (Audirvana)

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