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Exchanging noisy SMPS supplies for 'quiet' SMPS supplies

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I've been giving some attention to the dirty power in my house, and thinking about the cheap SMPS wall warts in various places: modem, wifi, router, powered USB hubs, wireless phones. Now it would be rather expensive to replace all these with linear PSU's, and the cheap linear PSU's for sale don't give statistics about Ripple & Noise, Noise/Line regulation, or Load Regulation. But at RS I can get pretty reasonable SMPS PSU's with Noise/Ripple under 1%, Line regulation of 1% or better, and Load Regulation of 3% (mostly Meanwell medical PSU's).


Now I wouldn't use such SMPS to power my DAC, but I wonder if these would really help clean up the power in my house circuits... which are all connected to my audio system in some way. I assume the cheap SMPS supplies that came with the wifi, router, and wireless phones have Ripple/Noise much greater than 1%, though I don't know that I have the means to measure that.




One way to test the potential improvement is to unplug all these from the wall over night and find what I hear the next day. Unplugged from the phone and internet for 20 hours... that's scary!

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