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Part 3 of 5: Symposium Heavyweights Talk and Teach

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Four of the speakers start presentations that was so informative that I felt like I didn’t know as much as I thought. They explained the differences of 16 to 24 bit and how the garbage moves to inaudible ranges and how you get more dynamic range with 24 sampling. The internal workings of D/A processors which I found fascinating because you then realize everything even in digital has compromises at every stage. How about even the digital cables being near power wires is messing with the sound. I always thought once in the digital form it was immune to this. How about how Sony decided on the 16/44 standard. You find out it has nothing to do with special numbers or sound but it was a business decision. Sony had tons of machines in studios all over the world set up for video recording and they wanted a format that could be recorded on them. This saved big changes and easy adoption. Talks about rooms with measurable voltage in the air changing the sound of systems along with other unusual things. The other thing that became obvious is that there is a business side to sound and that dictates a lot about what we hear. I m just touching lightly here so anyone at the meeting please add to this. I learned so much and I’m a guy in high end audio for 40 years. It also became how many problems are in regular computers compared to the perfect setup. The power supply may radiate, internal wire routings, noise and tons of possible problems. I forgot to mention the section on digital volume controls and what is involved. They explained it all. All 8 of the presenters were the top in the industry and don’t think you could have asked for more.


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