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Dynaudio 110A Powered Speakers

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For sale: Dynaudio Focus 110A powered speakers in Cherry. These were purchased March 2012 for $1550.00 from an authorized dealer.


Cosmetically, I’d rate them 6/10 due to some imperfections in the finish that you can see in the pictures. Under light, you can see unevenness in the finish when up close. It was hard to take pictures that could capture this without exaggerating it. I asked several people to look at them and they all said that it wasn’t very noticeable and it wouldn’t bother them. But you might feel differently. There is also some light dust on one of the tweeters. The tweeters have a stcky surface. I’ve been told that this might be removeable, but I didn’t want to experiment with it.


In terms of performance and functionality I’d rate them 9/10. The speakers come with the original power cords and packaging.


I accept Verified Paypal payment only, please. Shipping is included in asking price. No Paypal fee for you. Continental U.S. Only.


Asking $750.00.


Here is a link to Dynaudio for a description and specifications: Dynaudio - All there is.


Here is a link to a 6moons review: 6moons audio reviews: Dynaudio Focus 110A


This is a link to the owner’s manual: http://www.dynaudio.com/manuals/DYN_FocusManual_web.pdf


Here are some pictures:


IMG_0677 (2).jpg


IMG_0678 (2).jpg


IMG_0684 (2).jpg




IMG_0698 (2).jpg



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