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Question to those who use Luxman D-06 player

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According to the official site Luxman D-06 player supports maximum 96/24 bitstream through its coaxial input. But I have noticed that after approximately 1 hour of listening of ordinay low bitrate files D-06 player starts to recognize full 192/24 bitstream without any audible distortion. Is it a bug or undocumented feature? Is it possible to damage 96/24 DAC by listening 192/24 files?

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The player software may adjust the sampling rate to the D-06 96/24 or if it's iTunes, won't change the sample rate at all. There won't be any damage to the DAC.


Incidentally, the new D-06u released in a few weeks can decode DSD128 as well as play SACD. The D-06u uses the same DAC as in the DA-06, it has the same driver software (for Windows).

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D-06 has only SPDIF inputs (no USB). So it is not possible to adjust sampling rate automatically from a source component. It's interesting but both inputs (coaxial and optical) are able to recognize 192/24 after an hour of "warming up". During first minutes after swtching on 192/24 signal is not recognized at all, then D-06 starts to recognize the signal but the sound is interrupted very often, and then the sound becomes absolutely normal.

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