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Music Subscription Services

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So, what do you guys all think about music subscription services? The major labels are all considering apporx. $10 per month subscriptions for all their music. of course when you cancel your subscription your music is no longer yours and will not be playable. In additon if you want music from several labels all these subscriptions could get spendy.


What do you guys think about this?


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For now, it's arguably free as part of the digital FIOS cable feed, though you can't pick and choose. At some point when/if the internet can compete with "cable" tv, then I might bite. For now I'm not willing to pay that rate. If one of the satellite guys truly offerred a lifetime rate with the 3 or whatever radio changes in factory car radios I'd likely bite. But the way it is structured now, if you sell your car your done. That's a deal killer for me. Plus, the quality of the internet feed of satellite, even with their upgrade, isn't great.


If you specifically mean music label catalogs, the labels must be freaking out over artists going direct. Seems to me business evolution. I would say their problem is that they have failed to evolve (i.e., greed) and the musicians are starting to squeeze them out. Down with the Man, burn em at the stake ... Didn't we go thru that in the 60/70's too? Don't get me started. Wonder why the DOW is tanking? Contemplate the overvaluation of companies based upon the influx of pension funding. They leaped into commodities, drove them stupid high and, and, BOOM. Fundamentals rule, the "value" just isn't there. How can BStearns go from 75 to 2 bucks in a week. Woo Hoo, Living in America. The labels might only have archives to manage before too long. The specs have trashed real estate, commodity and stock values. There's nothing left to buy abroad since the exchange rate is tanking. Hunker down and buy used vinyl and CD's. Enjoy the music!


*** quietly crawling off soapbox ***


Now, if you could keep the music .... O' what the hack


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- I do $upport NPR and PBS though -I don't *even* do satellite radio (I've got great radio stations here) & the only reason that I have cable TV is that you (used to) have to have it to get broadband internet here. Now I like the programming on the 7 or 8 public access channels that are provided for users to produce their own programming on the cable system here.


But then, I'm not an average sort of guy. I didn't have to know that satellite radio was compressed to 'just say no' to it. When everything goes digital (TV) soon, the 'big label' media purveyors think - or had planned -that they will have a lock on us: No one but them will be able to own or even view anything media-wise unless they sell or lease it to you bit by bit, device by device. DRM.


Personally, I don't like their plan. Here's hoping another, more reasonable one will supplant it. I'm doing what I can to help make an alternative plan come true. How about y'all?



I suspect that large portions of the buying public either don't care or aren't thinking about this, however.


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I think commercial free streaming radio like XM/Sirius has its place and is more fun than most terrestrial radio (yes, there *are* other classic rock bands besides Creedence, Boston, and Bob Seeger). Like the previous poster, we also listen to NPR a lot, but the pledge drives drive me freaking nuts. All of the above are definitely for very casual listening of course.


Anyway, to the topic at hand, as with you Chris, unless it was lossless, DRM free, and I owned the tracks, it's pretty useless. But it might catch on with the masses, who knows. At least the labels are starting to get their heads out of the sand and coming up with ideas to stay alive.





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