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iTunes drop-out?


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I'm in the process of setting up a new machine replacing my Mac Mini with a Windows-based machine (because I wanted the flexibility of changing out hardware, wanted support for movies - I just felt the Windows PC offered more choices for play than the mini). My original plan was to use Windows Media Center interface but was having some trouble getting the Apple Lossless files to play (haven't spent a lot of time with the various solutions) so was going to temporarily just play them via iTunes and use Windows Media Center for movies. However, when I tried playing music via iTunes I got a lot of stops, stutters, and drop-outs in the music. I'm running Windows 7 and have it connected to my Integra pre-amp via HDMI - probably neither an ideal solution. Has anyone else experienced these sorts of drop-outs? I should try switching to the digital out instead of the HDMI though I like having the single cable connection handling video and audio. There is tons of hard-drive space (some 700GB free), tons of memory (has 4 GB RAM).


Has anyone else experienced such a problem?


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