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Patricia Barber A Distortion of Love

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I bought the 24/192 Smash but to be honest very little difference in theory. According to Mark Walrep AIX records, 24/96 more than covers all the frequencies recorded.


I bought the Blueray Modern Love and that sure sounds amazing in 24/192.


In saying this I bought both the 24/96 and 24/192 versions off Miles Davis "Tutu". Well the 24/192 was a huge disappointment over the 24/96 strangely. HD tracks could not explain why except to say that possibly my system was not up to the greater resolution. Anyway I had them checked and the 24/192 had an attenuated band at 14khz. The 24/96 had more high frequency information. Mind you this is from a 1957 old master. Patricia's recent recordings should be recorded at 24/192 hopefully.

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