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  1. Yes I'm retrying default config then will try Tanf again. I do concur with this statement though from tipunch over this last weekend I was surprised how much bass I still have after changing from JS cubed.
  2. Have to say I’m back at shipped config. I agree with Peter, Tanf too trebly and the other JSG cubed is to much bass.
  3. Hi I did not compare to same recording downconverted to 16/44. I compared to remastered 2009 CD 16/44. Generally I don't compare to downconverted anything, can't see the point. I know this recording particularly well it was the first vinyl album I bought when it was first released 1969. Crazy that I have now bought 5 versions of this pressing including blueray 24/96. I didn't need to directly compare it to the old CD's I could tell immediately it was better. Same went for Led Zeppelin remaster releases 2014 by Jimmy Page. The 24/96 versions were the best I've ever heard and I owned the lot from vinyl, cassette and CD(plus remasters). I would go as far to say these later versions easily bettered my best vinyl setup using my computer audio playback system hearing more detail and music, obviously on the original recording but masked by humans and technology!!!!
  4. I've only felt new recordings in 24bit and beyond really show the improvement over 16/44. I have a large number of so called remastered 24 bit and these really are a mixed bag some better and some not. Giles Martin's Abbey road is a marked improvement over the vinyl, cd and remastered CD. This alone means its well worthwhile pushing for 24 bit recordings. I do notice more and more new recordings are now being done at least with 24/48 if not 96. Having participated in Mark's last blind test where it was obvious many could not tell the difference between music files. This is doomed to be repeated and is only happening within a small community of HiFi followers. Even if 16/44 was realised to its full potential for all the right reasons 24 is a worthwhile quest and improvement in my view. Robert
  5. Never found sorbothane to be an advantage under any hi-fi component. Its somewhat an insulator damper and certainly not rigid tending to keep any vibrations within component and dulling the sound. I cut a bamboo board into pieces 20 x 30 x 18mm thick and use these between components and shelf(mostly 3 to a component). I still use blu-tac under speaker to speaker stand(laminated Maple) which is spiked to floor(wooden). I subscribe to theory: better to remove any vibration to earth with different materials to break up resonances as quick as possible. I've made footers from brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel(spikes, cones cylinders) all impart a different sound that tends to be brighter. Hence my moving back to wood which is more forgiving and seems more balanced.
  6. A major problem is what the listening room is made out of. This in turn influences devices supporting components. In reality its a minefield and one can only get a good compromise by trial and error. Let alone airborne and floor vibrations which is where good component construction comes in ie: circuit boards chassis and cases. Personally I lean towards wood in various configurations. I use to manufacture all steel welded rigid frames with iron sand filled columns spiked to the floor and shelves spiked to frames. My last one of these had black granite 30mm shelves. Replacing these with Ikea butcher blocks did change the sound and I much preferred it. Nowadays I run a laminated American Oak rack with bamboo footers under components. I run on the theory that a lot of critical music instruments are in fact made of wood and this is what gives their particular sound trait.
  7. Barrow's I certainly recommend Bamboo shelving and I've tried nearly all types. Try and source bamboo laminated panels and get cut to size. Example below these are very rigid and strong but light. They come in different thicknesses from 20mm to 50mm. A number of rack manufacturers are including bamboo shelves on racks now. The large Ikea APTITLIG Butcher block, bamboo, 17 ¾ x 14 ¼ " $19.99 is the common one I've tried for size and sound.
  8. Not at all I'm still getting use to my new Lush^2. I've tried 3 settings but unwilling to comment yet. It does appear most have settled on a setting for the time being but always another option. Robert
  9. Once again Giles Martin has done a superb job of this remaster probably got some of the best ears in the recording industry at the moment. Interesting for all to note a member of another forum has published these DR figures of both the HD Tracks download 24/96 and official Blueray 24/96: Both with foobar2000 1.3.16 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1 Analyzed: The Beatles / Abbey Road - 2019 - (Super Deluxe Edition) (Remastered) Stereo - HD Track download -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Duration Track -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR8 -0.09 dB -9.83 dB 4:19 01-Come Together (2019 Mix) DR8 -0.09 dB -10.51 dB 3:02 02-Something (2019 Mix) DR10 -0.09 dB -12.00 dB 3:28 03-Maxwell's Silver Hammer (2019 Mix) DR8 -0.09 dB -9.35 dB 3:27 04-Oh! Darling (2019 Mix) DR8 -0.09 dB -9.67 dB 2:51 05-Octopus's Garden (2019 Mix) DR7 -0.09 dB -8.36 dB 7:47 06-I Want You (She's So Heavy) (2019 Mix) DR9 -0.09 dB -11.03 dB 3:06 07-Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix) DR10 -0.17 dB -12.47 dB 2:46 08-Because (2019 Mix) DR11 -0.09 dB -13.83 dB 4:03 09-You Never Give Me Your Money (2019 Mix) DR9 -0.18 dB -11.39 dB 2:26 10-Sun King (2019 Mix) DR9 -0.09 dB -9.87 dB 1:06 11-Mean Mr Mustard (2019 Mix) DR8 -0.09 dB -9.39 dB 1:13 12-Polythene Pam (2019 Mix) DR8 -0.09 dB -8.98 dB 1:59 13-She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (2019 Mix) DR9 -0.09 dB -12.77 dB 1:31 14-Golden Slumbers (2019 Mix) DR9 -0.09 dB -9.60 dB 1:36 15-Carry That Weight (2019 Mix) DR9 -0.09 dB -11.26 dB 2:22 16-The End (2019 Mix) DR9 -0.15 dB -16.85 dB 0:23 17-Her Majesty (2019 Mix) Analyzed: Beatles / Abbey Road - 2019 - Bluray (24bit 96khz) - Stereo - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Duration Track -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR10 -0.33 dB -12.63 dB 4:21 01-Come Together DR10 -0.19 dB -13.31 dB 3:02 02-Something DR12 -0.18 dB -14.79 dB 3:28 03-Maxwells Silver Hammer DR10 -0.19 dB -12.15 dB 3:27 04-Oh Darling DR11 -0.24 dB -12.47 dB 2:51 05-Octopuses Garden DR9 -0.33 dB -11.16 dB 7:47 06-I Want You (Shes So Heavy) DR12 -0.18 dB -13.83 dB 3:06 07-Here Comes The Sun DR10 -1.91 dB -15.27 dB 2:46 08-Because DR12 -0.18 dB -16.63 dB 4:03 09-You Never Give Me Your Money DR10 -2.24 dB -14.24 dB 2:26 10-Sun King DR11 -0.18 dB -12.66 dB 1:06 11-Mean Mr Mustard DR11 -0.18 dB -12.38 dB 1:13 12-Polythene Pam DR11 -0.18 dB -11.77 dB 1:59 13-She Came In Through The Bathroom Window DR11 -0.36 dB -15.56 dB 1:31 14-Golden Slumbers DR11 -0.22 dB -12.39 dB 1:36 15-Carry That Weight DR11 -0.18 dB -14.05 dB 2:22 16-The End DR9 -0.95 dB -20.31 dB 0:26 17-Her Majesty One comment was the HD track download, is like it is for use on mobile phones where the mainstream sales are now. Anyway suffice to say, get the Official Blueray is the best for sound. Shame they don't sell it separately as its all I want personally but you have to buy the super deluxe package to get it.
  10. Shame Giles Martin didn't have a go at remastering these. He's done one of the best remastering jobs with both the White Album and Abbey Road recently. I suspect one reason is his hearing is in excellent condition. He even says his father George was suffering hearing losses. Have to say Eddie Kramer would be in this basket also. I don't feel Eddie Kramer has added much if anything to Hendix's remasters, mind you not sure what he had to work with, was that good to start with. A new set of younger ears would have helped and even Abbey Road studios. Personally Hendix's releases post death are a mixed bag, half of the material could have been left in the vaults.
  11. Don't bother joining Amazon Australia no Hi res files here and may never be. Australia not known for bothering with Hi res anything. I didn't try other sites but thought they may not work as does Quobuz not, etc where they don't have music permissions or can't be bothered with small countries. Robert from New Zealand next to Australia.
  12. Gosh some are obviously bored with computer audio and want to bring vinyl back. Vinyl's like Woodstock and they keep reminding us of it. I do have to say computer audio has seemed to have plateaued and going no where fast now. No new advances, does this mean we have done our dash, or Trump has depressed those in business enough to stop research. In the meantime the Chinese will advance there developments beyond Americas dream. Robert
  13. Excellent work on this review Josh "Phd quality". I've never seen this depth of writing on a recording ever. Certainly I will check my CD to see when it was done. I suspect it was a Diament version. It is as you descibe it, light on bass slightly bright treble. Certainly very disappointing the so called HD release. I've stopped buying them as a direct result of poor sound compared to original CD unless its recorded in HD from scratch. KD Lang's 25th Anniversary Ingenue is a good example. The HD 24/96 I thought was excellent until I listened to the original CD. Gosh what an eye opener there was small details on the CD missing from the HD plus sound seemed more natural and involving. Robert
  14. Thank God they are not listening to music throught this nightmare cable network!!!!
  15. Thats interesting Jim. I run Xxhighend in RamOS I wonder if running both your OS and audio program in OS may make a difference. When I restart this Ram OS it always sounds better from a fresh start. I will try what you have experienced. Going from the audio program running on a normal computer to all running out of Ram is huge in sound upgrade something you could trial. Robert
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