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HDtracks 48/24 received as 96/24

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I down-loaded a file from Cassandra Wilson's Another Country at HDtracks. The file was listed as 48/24. My digital system is Imac/iTunes->squeezebox touch edo->w4s dac-2dsdse. My dac displays 96 for the file. Does this sound like an idiosyncrasy of my system or an HDtrack's issue? I emailed

HDtracks but have not yet received a response.





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It might be labeled as being a 48/24 recording, because the multitrack-recording was made at these rate, but mastered to 96/24.


take a look at this thread too:


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What HDtracks does is confusing. They should at least indcate "24/96 download, 24/48 source material", or better request 24/48 files from the label.


After previous upsampling controversies, HDtracks is afraid of indicating a higher sampling rate than what the source material contains, but when people buy a "24/48" download and receive 24/96 files, they suspect that something is wrong.


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