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Sacd for sale

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I am selling some new and used discs to fund some a new DAC.


Jun Fukamachi at Steinway-DXD, LIM DXD 038 $33

Multichannel Hybris SACDs play on all cd or sacd players-New unopened:

Alan Gilbert/RSPO Mahler 9th-new SACD Hybrid Multichannel plays on all cd and SACD players $19

American Spectrum-Branford Marsalis/Qartet and North Carolina SO/LLewellyn NEW Multichannel Hybrid $20


Used SACD's but very good condition, Hybrid Multichannel (Plays on cd or Sacd players)


Brahms Violin Concert,Double Concerto-Fischer/NPOA/Kreizberg-Pentatone Hybrid Multichannel...plays on all cd or Sacd players $17

Tippett-Rose Lake/Ritual Dances-Hickox/BBC NO-Chandos Hybrid Sacd $11

Danses and Divertissments Berlin Phil Wind Quartet/Steven Hough $14

Vaughan Williams-London Symphonies, Hickox/LSO-$10

Rudi Stephan Orch Works-Sergey Stadeler/Melbourne Symp Orch/Oleg Caetani-$12

Bartok Two Violin Concerto's -Arabella Steinbacher/Janowski/Orchestra de la Suisse Romande $15


Used Sacd but stereo, not multichannel:

Mozart Flute Quartets-Petri,Widmann,Ulijona,Sudraba- SACD-5.220570 $13


Buy 3 or more and I will ship free. Otherwise $3 per one or two


I have excellent feedback over 10 years at Audiogon as : cpvniii



MacPro 24 GB/8TB / A+ and Pure Music / LAMPIZATOR B7 as Dac and Pre w/volume control / Regen /Intona USB Iso/curious USB / Emotive Audio Sira / PASS Aleph P / D-Sonic M3 600 mono's / MIT / Shunyata Alpha HC, Alpha Digital, Alpha Analogue, Weizhi PR-6 / Exact Power XP15a-4 balanced power distributor / FOCAL Maestro UTOPIA III's in red/black


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