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MSB DAC 3 Signature Version vs AMR DP777 vs Audio GD M7

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Nobody had experienced to try compare these DAC.


I have an Audio GD M7 and thinking about upgraded to MSB DAC 3 Signature or AMR DP777. I try to see if there are a real gain to do this.





My best advice is just to try to borrow each and give them a listen. DACs do sound different, but the differences are, IMHO, not all that large - even on very expensive DACs. I have a Chinese "name-on-request"* DAC that literally cost me $50 on E-bay about 3 years ago. It has USB, as well as Toslink, and Coaxial SPDIF inputs and does 24/192. It sounds about 90% as good as a Benchmark DAC2! In fact, one has to listen fairly closely to tell which is playing. Ultimately, the Benchmark sounds better, with slightly improved high frequency resolution and slightly lower distortion, but it is, by no means, $1745 better! The lesson here is that you might find the differences between the MSB and AMR and/or your present DAC to be not worth the effort (not to mention the money). Only you can tell if they make any appreciable difference to you. Most dealers will loan you a unit if you leave a credit card number as a deposit. This is the only way you're going to tell for sure what the differences are and what magnitude of difference it will make to your listening pleasure.



* This Chinese DAC has absolutely no branding on the package of any kind. There is no manufacturer listed, no importer, no nothin'! I use it in my office to connect my Mac Mini to my desktop audio system, but I have used it on my main system for streaming audio from the computer when I've sent all of my borrowed-for-review DACs back to their manufacturers' reps. The Dual-Differential 24/192 DAC built into my HK990 does not have a USB input, and I have yet to buy a converter. Most of the time these days I just use my Dragonfly for streaming USB audio.


NOR DAC,jpg.jpg


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I just love the sound of my AMR 777 DAC. The tubes add so much to the sound in my system that I feel like I don’t want a DAC without tubes. I only use the AMR 777 DAC with the built in USB. It takes several hundred hours to break in and it takes about an hour to get the best sound after you turn it on. But it is the best DAC I have had in my system. The mid range and the detail is just great.


I my friend has an MSB Diamond IV with the high end clock and the big power supply it superb.

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