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iTrax download - Peppino D'Agostino

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Just tried my first download from iTrax last night and started listening tonight. So far only bought from HDTracks, HDTape, BlueCoast. Downloaded the Acoustic Guitar album by Peppino D'Agostino in 2 ch 24/96 WAV. Listening on Transporter->Meridian568->KrellAmp (w lots of power and isolation tweaks) setup and the sound is truly fantastic (resolution/detail, stereo imaging, soundstage, warmth / analog sound, extension hi/lo; in the recording space feel). I will definitely listen to this album many times over without fatigue and great enjoyment. Thought I'd throw it out there as a recommended.


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Thanks for the tip. I downloaded the D'Agostino album last night, excellent sound. However, my favorite album from iTrax so far is still Lisbeth Scott album. The piano sound could be a bit better but her voice is very well captured with lots of nuance


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