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Nice, in-depth article about solid-state drives (SSD)

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I suspect that SSDs will soon (not quite yet, perhaps) be the preferred solution for storing audio data for a computer music server, due to silent operation and low power consumption. Here is a good, substantial article on where SSDs are today.


The primary issues he addresses seem to be more for use as a primary system disk. I'm thinking (but am by no means sure) that a disk used exclusively for audio storage (which is 99.99% reading) would be much less sensitive to the issues he raises. In other words, cheap drives might still be OK.


I have no idea about their respective quality, but newegg is listing 256 GB SSDs for $479-$630. Seems pricey, especially compared to a 1 TB hard drive for $99.99. The prices will drop, I'm sure. Still, if silence is what you need, and you want your storage in the listening room (instead of NAS), at least products are available.




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Hi WoodsDweller - I've done serious listening to various music servers with spinning and solid state drives. I'm a huge fan of SSDs. The price difference between SSDs is because there are two vastly different technologies. SLC and MLC. THe SLC drives are my favorite although more expensive. Checkout http://www.rocketdisk.com for some great SLC SSDs in 2.5 and 3.5 inch models.


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