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Hi. These questions are for any one who has built their own TNN computer. Zalman supplies little blue anodized aluminum cylinders which are fixed to the back of the motherboard with preapplied adhesive. Can these cylinders be reused or do I have to order more of these cylinders evey time I mess with the motherboard.

2nd. Is their an easy and cheaper way of testing the silent power supply. Internet chatter seems to indicate potential problems with the zalman psu. I would hate to fry a new motherboard on startup. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Napper - I've built a few TNN based servers. Here is a report from CES 2009 that show one of the TNN servers I've built being used in the TAD suite at the Venetian. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/computer-audiophile-2009-ces-notes-3


Your questions

1. The cylinders have very little chance of being reused. I've had a few fall off shortly after building the server and the adhesive is pretty much done at that point. I built these servers with and without the cylinders and I really don't think they are 100% necessary.


2. I wouldn't worry about the PSU. I've never had a problem. This PSU actually measures very well in terms of not adding noise to the computer.


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