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X-CANv8 Headphone Amplifier

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Hey everyone - Just an FYI for those fans of the Musical Fidelity small X series components. According to MF they will be releasing a few new products in 2008, one of which is the X-CANv8 Headphone Amplifier! This will succeed the X-CANv3 headphone amp that received rave reviews from the audiophile industry. Here are the other products they plan to release in 2008.



X-CANv8 Headphone Amplifier

X-LPSv8 MC/MM Phono Stage

X-PSUv8 Power Supply Unit


A5.5 Integrated Amplifier

A5.5 CD Player


- Chris

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Quick notes on the upcoming Musical Fidelity X-Can v8 headphone Amp.


The output impedance is now only 1.5 - 2 ohm because of a solid state buffer beyond the triode input stage. This allows the amp to deliver a flat response with any headphone.


The v8 is a bit larger than the v3, but is still smaller than an average component.


The v8 has two headphone outputs.


The newest feature is the USB input. No details are available on the DAC or software requirements, if any.


Source: HiFi News, March 2008


Founder of Audiophile Style

UPDATED: My Audio Systems -> https://audiophile.style/system

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