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Mcintosh DACs????

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Has anyone used any Mcintosh DACs for computer audio? Such as the MDA1000 (macs flagship dac), or the MCD500 (a cd player with 2 digital inputs, with a supposedly high end dac built in).


The reason I am asking is that I am changing out my system from Bel Canto products to Mcintosh, and potentially switching my BC Dac3 for one of those Mac products.


As of right now I am using a mac mini, so at some point I may need some type of usb -> spdif converter, to avoid using the toslink?




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Are you referring using the 24/96 usb link with my BC setup? Or just as an alternative to using toslink or usb in any setup? If also for the Mac setup, would I be able to expect less jitter and higher sound quality over using the toslink from my mini -> dac?

I currently have only used my kimber usb, and a cheap toslink cable. I have not got one of the more expensive toslink cables because I just don't think that is the option I want to go with from what I have read.

Also anyone else with experience using mcintosh dacs in comparison to others reviewed on this site for use with computer audio please let me know what you think.




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Oh, nothing I think that its a great dac. I really like that fact that it has a volume control with a remote control so I have been using it as a pre/dac directly into my amps. The upgrade bug has hit, and I am just looking to go in a new direction and just checking out some options.


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Thanks for your feedback.


So for the type of setup that I am loooking it.

(ie. Mac Mini => DAC)


Are there some other options to consider besides the Bel Canto USBlink?


The Mac Pro w/ lynx soundcard is at the bottom of a long list of gear I plan to get.




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