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HDtracks unresponsive

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I am very disappointed with the total lack of customer support from HDtracks. I am in the process of attempting to purchase, ie: give them my money, and their shopping cart is incapable of concluding the transaction. I emailed them immediately, roughly 5 days ago and was told by the autoresponder on the site, that a staff person would be in touch right away. Not...I have received no help from them. Perhaps this is a case of a company not being ready for prime time and therefore not being a candidate for referrals from a high quality site such as this.



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Yes, they did respond, but it was the always frustrating "we don't know why you are having a problem, everything is fine on our end". I did download the latest java as recommended and that didn't help. The problem is in their shopping cart. After I put in my credit card info and hit continue, I get a message saying their is a problem. It shows my credit card number scrambled and the year is also changed. HD says they can't duplicate the problem and are offering to delete my account and have me start over. Guess I'll try that. Thanks for everyones help.



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Just thought I'd mention it - but if you're using a non-standard browser you may experience problems. (By non-standard, I mean all of the browsers that have been written to comply properly with the standards and are not the standards abomination that is Internet Explorer!!)


I use Chrome on a daily basis and it works fine everywhere I go except for one banking site. That site will only work if I use IE. I gave up using Firefox because it would only work on one of my banking sites!! I know it works for others, but it wouldn't work for me.


The problem may just be that the site doesn't like your particular installation of whatever browser you are using.


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What is your computer configuration? PC? Mac? IE browser? Firewall?


It's a good idea to try another browser. If by chance you're using IE (which SHOULD work) it is very easy to get the security settings wonked up. I have had exactly this problem with many e-commerce sites and was able to solve the problem by switching to Firefox. If I were smarter I'm sure I could have solved this by getting the IE setting right...


Alternately. if you're using any kind of browser plug-in which places restrictions on scripts (e.g. NoScript) then you'll need to specifically allow the HDTracks website.


FWIW, I've never had any trouble with HDTracks either on my PC or Mac.


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One other thing I just thought of is your location. If you don't mind can you share your location or maybe what continent or country you are in? HDtracks works great in the U.S. but user around the world have had to get creative in order to purchase music from the site. HDtracks doesn't officially sell to anyone in another country I believe. Paypal has worked well for people around the globe however.


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Yes, it worked. HDtracks deleted my account, I went back in and reloaded all the same info and it worked just fine. I am using Flock and am in the US. It was just some glitch with their shopping cart. I have downloaded 5 albums and it went well. I have only heard them on my non-audiophile computer speakers, but the music sounds good. There where some gaps in their response time, but in the big picture, not too much to worry about. Instant gratification issues on my part really. They also gave me a discount coupon for my trouble. Thanks again for everyones help and suggestions.



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