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Mini or Macbook remote control

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I am putting together a system for computer based audio. My plans are to buy a Mac Mini or Macbook (used) and to connect via toslink or usb to a dac.


The mini or macbook will be located near my audio equipment, so I need something for remote control. I already know about the ipod touch remote application, but I was thinking about using a Vista laptop for this (since I already own one).


Is there VNC software that will work between the mini/macbook and the vista laptop? So I can remotely control the mini/macbook with my Vista laptop?


Thanks in advance,




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Any VNC client will work, UltraVNC, TightVNC, and I'm sure there are others. All you have to do on the Mac (if I remember correctly) is to go in to System Preferences, open Sharing, and enable Remote Management.


You can then use any VNC client on the Vista laptop to access the mac. I vaguely remember having to try different VNC clients to get one that performed well against my Mac Mini but maybe that has changed.


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I now own a Macbook and are thinking of adding a Mini to my system. I would then connect to a DAC via usb and remote control the Mini with my Macbook.


I learned about the screen sharing on the Macs; I was just wondering how the speed is? Is coverflow in itunes still useful this way?


When I use vnc to connect from my Vista laptop to the Macbook I am not really impressed by the speed of the screen refreshing, especially when using itunes.


Thanks again,



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