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E MU 0404usb and 24/176

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After initial problems with 0404 everything works fine. I use it for reproducing 24/96 music from my laptop to Chord qbd76 DAC via coax connection. It sounds way better than 16/44.

Yesterday I got 3 Reference Recordings HRx discs containing 24/176 encoded music. I copied it to hard drive tried to play but it would not work. Is it possible to play higher sampling rates and how to do that. I use Foobar2000 and Chord DAC can reproduce up to 192kHz.




Goran Maler


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There appear to be some limitations with the higher sample rates. The most obvious things to check are that the emu control panel is set to the sample rate you need, (Foobar may not be able to auto change to the higher rates?), and that Foobar is using the emu-supplied asio2 driver.


To see if it is a Foobar limitation you could try loading a track into cubase (le version supplied with the emu software package) and see if that works ok. If it does then Foobar is probably the problem. If it is then give MediaMonkey a go? That's the program Chris uses and I'm sure he gets high-res no problems!!


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First, as a new member, I would like to say hello to everyone, and thanks for sharing your views and knowledge on computer-based audio.


In response to the original poster's question, could the issue be the fact that you are using the co-axial output of the 0404 to connect to your DAC?


If I am not mistaken, the coax connection will max out at 24 bits/ 96kHz.


The solution is probably to use the DAC in the 0404 itself for > 96kHz audio.


Best regards.


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The E-MU 0404 only works with a possible maximum of 24/96 at its digital outputs. This has to do with the restrictions of the SPDIF-interface. Some manufacturers were able to extend it to 24/192 but E-MU obviously likes to play it safe.


The analogue output of the 0404 is very good, so you might consider using it instead.


E-MU 0202 USB wired with Monster USB Cable --> Audioquest King Cobra --> (sometimes) Corda Arietta --> Sennheiser HD-600

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Well after I bought Chord DAC I exchanged a lot of e-mails with their tehnical stuff and after all they addmited that qbd76 usb input is limited at 48kHz but they did not mention it in the owners manual. Reviews like one in Hi-Fi plus also leave you with an impression that no matter which input is used you get 24/192.

I looked at Lynx site but as I understood it all of these cards are built in and can t be used with notebook. But computers are not my strongest side...



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Your not alone Goran, I am in a similar position to you with my QBD76 albeit through a Macbook Pro. My only solution for dual wire is from a Lynx card in a Magma box or from a Weiss AFI 1, unless anyone knows of any cheaper alternatives.


This is not to say I am not pleased with the Chord, 24/96 files from Linn and HD Tracks are eerie in their realism and the listening room is full of veils lifted when playing common garden variety CDs.






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Thanks GrahamS, I didn t know about Magna products but I was also shocked with the prices. That plus Lynx card would be a solution but certantly not cheap one.

QBD76 is great DAC, my favorite are downloads from High Definition Tape Transfers. I could not belive how it sounds when I first heard it. All of my audiophile friends were speechless when they heard it through Quad 989s.

I am now in a long process of riping my cd collection to hard disc. Listening through Foobar and upsampling to 88kHz makes them sound a bit better.

As you said maybe we should wait for a cheaper alternative!




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