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Hi from Greece to a great site,


I have a non oversampling dac (ad1865n-k) with great analog output stage and I am looking for a good transport for it.

I am thinking to built a music server (I already have an imac with apogee duet).

the nonos dacs are jitter sensitive and I want as low jitter as possible.

I was thinking to use an external reclocker to my wadia itransport I am using now, but the idea of a server that could in the future support 24/196 is quite interesting.

so far I have read that the lynx 16 is a soundcard with good jitter measurements.

I know that it has xlr cables. can I use an xlr to rca cable without "signal detarioration"?

are there any other avalilable solutions (cards with low jitter?)

thanks a lot





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Hi Nikos - You can use an AES to S/PDIF coax converter which will obviously change the termination and will also lower the impedance. I don't think this would have a positive effect on the sound, but i can't say what sonic effects it may have. There are a few cards with good specs that have other termination options. Look at M-Audio 96 and 192 cards.


The Lynx has digital out only, I'm guessing you're aware of this?


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Hi Chris,

I am wondering too about the sonic impact of aes to s/pdif conversion!

I would prefer lynx because of it's good clock.

do you have any more info about the m-audio 192, especially in terms of clock/jitter performance?

I think I will end up with an old fashion cd transport for my nonosdac and a new weiss minerva, firewire connected to my imac!!!






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