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ATV Streaming

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I'm really enjoying learning from this forum and, after some lurking, am glad to join the membership.


In particluar the threads about Apple-based systems has been very helpful. Still, I've yet to find clear resolution on one issue: Can multiple AppleTVs simultaneously stream different content from one iTunes library?


My guess is "no". I even visted their corporate store in Cupertino today and they thought the answer was "no" as well.... but I'm hoping someone can say "yes". =)


If "no", has anyone devised a workaround using mutiple instances of iTunes on the network?


Many thanks!


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Ok I'll buck the trend and say yes it's possible. I don't have more than one ATV but this may best "testable" with other devices. The Apple TV can sync with only one library, but I believe it accesses others just like a shared library. If one version of iTunes can be shared among multiple computers I think it's possible to have more than one ATV use that shared library just like the computers.


Note: writing from my iPhone and can go into more detail if needed :-)


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