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Mac OS X iTunes Replacement

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.. at our age, time is all we have in our possession! I really haven't seen what you are seeing with regards to the disappearing CD icons, CDDB involvement and that loss of functionality, SGB. It really is (ast)sounding like an OS X 10.5 issue. Or possibly the underpinning OS version that you upgraded from..... At least playback is still OK though ......RIGHT? I am sure that Apple will get 'tha dang thing' fixed. I am equally sure that it won't be soon enough for you, though *grin*.


Now: Cover Flow = ease of use -- Yes! I am guessing that the lack of 'visibility' of cover flow to other users using "your" playlist has to do with "user privileges" as defined by the UNIX underpinnings of OS X: You need to "administer" the proper rights to the proper "user" on your OS in order to get this to work the way you want, IMO. That assumes that these rights are available to a sysadmin in the iTunes program under UNIX in the first place. I currently have no means of exploring this avenue of attack on your problem though. No like-OS'd persons locally to experiment with and no remote access to your system -- I live in a mostly Windows world here --.... I will see if I can get time to try my theory out on my computer (UNIX deeper-diving involved for me though), or perhaps someone else with access to this site has these options available to them and can expand on a solution for you. --- I REALLY hope that a more adept OS X or UNIX user is frequenting this site and can help SGB with this issue.....


BTW: Maybe it is just my prejudice, but it seems to me that it is a testament (not a detriment) to Mac OS X that the problems that SGB has, as described here, even have a work-around in his existing OS. My "Apple fan-ness" is undiminished to this point.


Front Row: Actually, I have used - and will continue to use - it! The 'apple remote' came with my MBP and also the iPod 'AV connection kit' (I won that one in a rebate situation), so I have TWO of them! AFAIK, there is no 'Cover Flow' view available for Front Row yet, though having one really makes the 'apple remote' worthwhile anyway don't you agree?



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Shared Library Cover Flow Issue


There might be a workaround for this, but it is probably less than ideal for most users. It involves moving the album artwork folder and creating a link in the old location. I'm not sold that this is the best way, so I will see what I can find.

Link to complicated solution.



It sounds like you are still on board with the iPod Touch. That is good. I've used it for this purpose and it is excellent.


Front Row - What do you mean about no cover art? My cover art is all there, but no cover flow.




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