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AMR/iFi announces the iFi micro iDSD signature



Last week I received the iDSD signature and I was noticed the iDSD neo is on its way. That pair may get a double feature review.
I did a couple of shots over the weekenbd which will be posted here today or tomorrow.


on 10 / 09 / 2020
By chance (searching for some iFi iDSD pro information) I noted today on the iFi website that the company announces a new version of the iDSD micro.


They say it is "Out of this world:"
"- Sporting a Space Blue finish and powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, the micro iDSD Signature is a transportable DAC/headphone amp that’s ready for anything that the universe throws at it.
- Battery power means it’s ultra-clean with ultra-stable DC power and avoids the pitfalls of AC mains – dips, spike and noise-inducing RFI/EMI pollution.
- And with up to 12 hours playing time, depending on the headphones and performance mode engaged, it feels like you could take it to the moon and back."


New seems to be some circuitry and the 4,4 mm Pentaconn output. Here's the link to the manual

Gearslutz notes:
" The iFi micro iDSD Signature is available later this month from selected retailers, at an RRP of £649, (€699, US$649). Only a limited number will be made, so those wishing to get hold of the Signature edition of iFi’s landmark transportable DAC/headphone amp should act fast to avoid disappointment."


The perfect gift for iFi fanboys and those who who want to get there. ;-)
Based on my iFi micro iDSD BL which I use in this moment writing the news listening to Fink's "Bloom Innocent - Acoustic" via the HD650 phones, I think this may be money spent well on a versatile & excellent digital analogue conversion. I use the BL DAC since 3 years in the main system or as hp amp at my desk without noting any flaw and great excitement when pushing through DSD512 (under ROON)






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Looking at their own specs, likes like their new "Neo iDSD" has better DAC performance, if you don't need portability.


And balanced outputs.


And no more channel imbalance issues for headphones!

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Hi, yes I agree from the theory
I have used my micro Black Label as DAC in the main system for more than 2 years .. it can do the job and did so very well.
However, if a DAC with the all the features I need does offer as well a display, pre-amp functionality, BT, balanced output, rotary volume and remote control, I may be tempted ... however, the headphone amp is not at the same level as the one that comes with the micr iDSD device.
The "signature" shows serious signs of evolution with a refined design, a better XMOS chip and focus on mobility, i.e. the headphone function with balanced output. If you are in for a versatile mobile solution it looks like a very interesting choice. AFAIK, if you already have an iFi mobile device, the Neo might be the more interesting  path to evaluate. For the 50$ plus (649 vs. 699 USD) you have a lot of extras. Nonetheless, if you have difficult to drive cans you may prefer the signature device.

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