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About this blog

Hi Ya!
Not all ideas &  equipment that arrives on my desk will find their path to the Audiophile Style's frontpage.
Sometimes my reviews doesn't qualify for the spotligtht, sometimes the device doesn't fulllfill expectations, sometimes the blog can circumvent publishing schedules ... There are many good reasons to start a blog here. En plus -  reflecting on DACs or writing reviews about new recordings are nice options as well.
Feel free to enjoy!!

Entries in this blog

Update - WIIM mini HD Streamer - a success story

Update -  WIIM Mini Streamer: The WIIM Mini Streamer is a cheap - puck sized - device for streaming Hi-Res Audio up to 192kHz/24bit from your home network or mobile phone to your DAC or preamp. It is a budget wise investment for multiroom scenarios - think  BlueSound Node or Sonos. Plus, it is easier to setup than any RPI3/4 solution. The device was bought chez Amazon France for 99 Euros in April 2022. For the record: I have had two trips to Germany, a quite miserable Covid infecti


DuckToller in Streamer - DAC

Saturday evening was a testing one.

The setup of the device via Bluetooth using the WiiM HOME app did work smoothly. But I rather like BubbleUPNP for playback cues. JRIVER and FOOBAR detected the device sans fault. Checking out the killer feature of the WiiM, the 24bit 192 hz digital output to an external DAC. It didn't work at the beginning  with native bitrates, but worked well with 24bit 96hz, though. Or with down sampled streams from JRIVER or BubbleUNPN. As it didn't work out with the Toslink cable provided by

TOSLINK - I stand corrected!!!

I stand corrected: The Toslink cable provided by WIIM does work with 24bit - 192 kHz files. Just tested it together with the two new short digital cables that arrived yesterday, no difference by performance except for my personal Bias for the shortest one of 50 cm. It's quite handy ;-) Possible reason for my fail: Firmware update in the meantime or multiple human mismatch. Prefer the first option ;-) However, it is important to underline that you won't need to add another cable to

Pretty much excited to get the WIIM mini Airplay 2 in my hands tonight.

What's that ? It's kind of chromecast on XTC for music lovers. A lightweight puck of 48 gramms, infused with technology of from Linkplay Technolgy Inc, Newark, California,  who owns the brand Wiim, which once was called WiimU and has its home in Nanjing, China, somewhere between Shanghai and Wuhan. Funny thing is, I bought it at Amazon.fr from a company called Arylic-Eu.com, which is the brand name of Rakoit.com, another Chinese enterprise from Shenzhen. This company has contact

PuRiFi based Surveyor by JGC & Rose Handwerk

Joachim Gerhard Collection & Rose Handwerk: PuRiFi based speaker design   Some of you may have heard about Joachim Gerhard, the créateur of Michael Fremer's beloved Audio Physic Virgo speaker and founder of Audio Physic, Sonics and Suesskind Audio. In Europe he is often referred to as the "German Pope of High End Speakers" ... Nevermind, this century there has already seen a German Pope of the Catholic Church - from Bavaria - whose reign didn't last as long as Joachim G


DuckToller in Loudspeaker

THE AIRPULSE A80 - short review with measurements

THE AIRPULSE A80 active desktop speakers - short review with measurements The Airpulse A80 horn-loaded Ribbon Tweeter design active desktop speaker is the youngest and smallest sibling of the Airpulse family designed by Phil Jones, produced and marketed by Edifier International. It may be available in the US starting 599 $. European prices are around 699 €. While her inner values are broadly identical with the recently reviewed Airpulse A100, the Bluetooth stack of the A80 has evolved


DuckToller in Speaker

The new Airpulse A80 & Airpulse A300 pro

There had been members suggesting more reviews on active bookshelf speakers after the Airpulse vs Kanto reviews and when Airpulse asked me about reviewing the new A80s I felt it would make sense to report about them here in the forums.     Last  week I have received the fancy blue coated A80 active desktop speakers from Airpulse, they are the smaller sibling of the already reviewed A100 and sell for 699 USD. These two may have some smaller technical differences only, wh


DuckToller in Speaker

Like a late November afternoon sky: About DACs and smartphones - an opinion:

Could we relate to DACs performance somehow like to a fall afternoon’s beautiful cloudy sky? I assume It may lie in the eye of the beholder which picture carries more beauty for him or her while obviously there are objective criterias to define a picture's qualities. For example, I’ve selected 2 fall sky images I took with my then smartphone in  2016 and 2018 The technical quality is limited, the impression may suit you or not. But is as much in line how I saw the sky as I could c


DuckToller in Opinion

AMR/iFi announces the iFi micro iDSD signature

Update: Last week I received the iDSD signature and I was noticed the iDSD neo is on its way. That pair may get a double feature review. I did a couple of shots over the weekenbd which will be posted here today or tomorrow.   on 10 / 09 / 2020 By chance (searching for some iFi iDSD pro information) I noted today on the iFi website that the company announces a new version of the iDSD micro. https://ifi-audio.com/products/micro-idsd-signature/ They say it is "Out of this wo


DuckToller in DAC - Announcements

Khadas announced Tone2 pro mini desktop & portable DAC

Wesion - Khadas, well known for the 99$ Khadas Tone Board DAC, has announced a sublimal successor for the beloved unit, here are the first renderings: The Tone2 pro - details:   DAC + OPA1612 Op-Amps - Tone2 Pro combines the ESS ES9038Q2M with x4 OPA1612 operational amplifiers that deliver superior audio quality. High Performance - Up to 32bit 384KHz sample rate, bit-perfect DSD512, and -118dB THD+N (


DuckToller in DAC - Announcements

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