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Video clips of interest ...

Just noted this one, demonstrating an nominally high performance DAC,     Unfortunately, very strong system signature - quite obviously this is playback; has a "boxed in" quality, for a start. Unlikely to be caused by the DAC - note how the backing strings lack the sheen that this part of the mix should have.

The Purpose of Audio Reproduction

Time to crack this back open again, 😄.   Yes, what's the point? There could be a zillion answers, but my answer is to be true to the contents of a recording ... I was going to post this to that unloved thread, now gone to zombie land, but I'll do it here, instead,     Bit of a mess, eh? And, this is the remaster, from 2015!! - I've got it on a double CD from 1998 - a low cost release - sludgy, plus? ... You bet!   What should a system do to, for this?

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