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Video clips of interest ...


Just noted this one, demonstrating an nominally high performance DAC,



Unfortunately, very strong system signature - quite obviously this is playback; has a "boxed in" quality, for a start. Unlikely to be caused by the DAC - note how the backing strings lack the sheen that this part of the mix should have.


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Yes, that's where I saw it ... didn't want to throw the conversation off course on that thread, so decided to to put it here ...

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Now, this is my idea of live sound - miked, but no obnoxious PA qualities intruding,







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Just found this,



The key bit starts at 11:30, the classical piece ...


Right, what you have here is a setup which should deliver the goods - and in some ways can. Plenty of the space captured in the recording is presented nicely - but, oh dear ... the string tone!! Lots of grinding one's teeth moments in this; the scratchiness is pretty, ummm, epic 🤪 ...


Nothing unusual about this - I've heard this type of thing a million times - this is where, well, step by step surgery 🙃 has to climb on board, and sort this out ... the potential of this rig is obvious; but in this clip is failing to deliver - so the process of debugging needs to be set in motion, with the goal to extract what can actually be experienced in the listening ...

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As a contrast to the above, posted on the same YT channel, an example of how easy it is to pick up whether a rig is performing to a high level,



Very difficult to pick anything not of a high order in the SQ - thumbs up on this one ...

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And as 'proof' that the audio crowd still don't get it, in 2021,



Everything that ambitious rigs get wrong is on show here - it just screams, "Hifi sound" ... the "music", ahem, starts at 13:30 ...

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Just found a YT channel which does some comparisons of full chain gear setups, which makes it quite easy to pick the differences - here's a good example,



Would be interesting to see which people can't pick the variations, 😉 ...

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Previous post was not quite on the mark, on repeat listening, hence deleted.


This one, is far more interesting - hot off the presses,



Now, what this has got right, is the 'volume' - that is, what Peter calls the density; there's a hugeness to the presentation, which in fact gets better as the track progresses. Yes, plenty of signature to the rig; the vocals, and drums, at the beginning are quite distorted - but this is made up to some degree by the setup not having the normal issues of squashed presentation, the typical audiophile 'tininess'. Could be a warming up issue - this rig has the potential to go a very long way, ^_^.


The good stuff starts at about 19:40 ...



Yes, it creates, "a wall of sound" ... :D

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And, an example of how audiophile efforts sometimes end up creating a mess,



Should be excellent sound, but this is just a "better(??)" PA presentation - so many things wrong with it, I don't know where to start ... ;).

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Haha.. I just took a video (for another purpose) of the fully active system in my office. Speakers are British, from the '90s. I paid <£2k for them, including new drivers.


Not the best music for evaluating SQ (wasn't my intention), but I think you can get a sense nevertheless.



I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the sound of this system - it has a beautiful tone. I listen to it for literally hours as I work, and love every second.



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Yes, it's doing nothing to draw your attention to any anomalies - first priority, make a system just plain enjoyable to listen to, 👍

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You just drew me to your YT channel, and I note that you have digital versus analogue clips, of other rigs, from a year ago. What would you say about the presentation differences between those two ... ?

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And, an example of audiophiles doing it right - the system is working well, and is well recorded ... just found this,



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Nice find ... a competent system! This is a good demonstration that excellently engineered components can deliver the goods - which is to reproduce what's on the recording ... I can only ask, why is this so hard for the industry in general to get a better handle on, O.o.


Action starts at about the 7 minute mark,



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This, found in another audio forum, is what I don't want!



This would have me exiting the room, in great haste - so much for classic analogue setups, O.o.

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